Not just any place could be considered an ideal hangover brunch spot. The restaurant, first, has to be cheap. College students don't have a lot of spare change to spend on brunch food since they spend it all on alcohol and weed anyways (which is precisely why Leunigs didn't make the cut on this article). The portions? They need to be sizeable- I need to say "yeah, I'll take a box" and then strive to lick my plate clean ten minutes later. Lastly, the ambiance needs to be homey. I need to feel like no one is judging me when I walk in with sweats, sunglasses, and Birkenstocks that don't quite fit. That being said, here are some of my favorite Burlington brunch spots- perfect after a hard night out or just for a good plate of food. 

Henry's Diner (155 Bank St.) 

Nothing says "hangover brunch" like diner food. This Greek-style diner downtown offers a whole host of breakfast classics, Benedicts, milkshakes, and gyros. Expect to see a line out the door- especially on weekends.  

The Swingin' Pinwheel (11 Center St.) 

This cafe is tucked into a little nook on Center St. downtown and is a total dive. Their "country" inspired menu features a Smoked Salmon Haystack (hashbrowns topped with salmon, capers, chives, and sour cream), apple dumpling french toast, German spaetzle, quinoa cakes, and breakfast burritos.

The Friendly Toast (86 St. Paul St.)

The Friendly Toast brings back nostalgic ~vibes~, served with tons of butter. You can get massive plates of chicken & waffles, burgers & waffle fries, and even a Bloody Mary flight. 

Penny Cluse Cafe (169 Cherry St.) 

Penny Cluse is certainly a more upscale brunch place, but it's well worth the wait. I love their tofu scrambles with peanut ginger sauce, but non-vegans can certainly appreciate their omlettes, corned beef hash, salmon club sandwich, and egg sandwiches on fresh grilled sourdough. 

Pingala Cafe (1 Mill St.)

Vegan breakfast food? Count me in. Pingala makes delicious french toast puffs & breakfast sandwiches. I am quite the fan of their vegan "eggs" benny with hollandaise sauce. I'll even take non-vegans to Pingala & they love it! 

Handy's Lunch (74 Maple St.) 

This Burlington classic has a menu full of your favorite breakfast items like french toast, pancakes, and omelettes. If you're feeling adventurous, try the Chuck Norris: a sandwich with five pieces of french toast, four eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, a burger, and corned beef.