Bloomington, IN: Home of the Indiana Hoosiers; a politically blue oasis within the otherwise Republican "Crossroads of America." As the members of Spoon IU just discovered, Btown is also a hella-tasty french fry scene. But what are the best fries in Bloomington?

Spoon IU did the hard work of trying out the reportedly 7 best french fries in town (#blessed), and I have the pleasure of delivering our ranking results to you. Here's a little somethin' I like to call "B-Town Fries: Ranked".

Enjoy.  I know we did.

#7: B-Town Diner

Bailey Bromm

Price: $2.75

These little guys, pictured top left, are perfect for the college student with humongous fry cravings and teeny budgets, AKA every college student. You can order a side for less than $3 with tax. They're simple and possess that timeless diner flavor that you crave at 4am. Lucky for you, B-Town Diner is open 24/7!

#6: Village Deli

Natalie Fuller

Price: $1.25

Crunchy. Thin-Cut. Classic. These are fries that are safe to appease everyone sitting at the table (or drunkenly rolling around the floor.) They're just good, nostalgic french fries that are easy to eat.

#5: Kilroy's on Kirkwood

Grace Hwang

Price: $4.00

This is where things get crazy. Kilroy's on Kirkwood offers two equally priced options for fries: Regular and Garlic Parmesan. The pros know that Garlic Parm is the way to go though.

A prominent feature of KoK's updated and improved menu (which you can check out here), these fries are served with nacho cheese and a surprisingly scrumptious lemon garlic aioli.  

The sauces pair really well with the fries, and I'm certain that the flavor gets better the more drunk you get. Kilroy's has some of the best fries in Bloomington, hands-down.

#4: Bub's

Erin Powell

Price: $1.65

Being a well-established burger joint, it should come as no surprise that Bub's is high in the rankings. What did come as a shock to Spoon IU, however, was the mountain of sweet potato fries we devoured. Bub's has really good normal french fries, but they also offer healthier, and perhaps tastier, sweet potato waffle fries. 

These waffle fries are a pretty orange color, but their flavor profile makes them 10/10 gorgeous. They provide a fun sweet & salty combo in every bite.

#3: Nick's English Hut

Price: $5.95

Okay, the bar food game has been CHANGED. Nick's is another restaurant that has options for fry-style. Spoon IU chose Cajun-spiced, and we're really glad we picked this flavor. They also offer a classic salt & pepper french fry for the less adventurous fry fan.

These fries are medium-cut, so the seasoning isn't overwhelming. This fan-favorite comes with a sweet & spicy mayo that may make you question whether you can solely live off of fries for the rest of your college-career.

#2: FARMbloomington

Price: $8.50

Besides having a super-cool mission statement that strives for sustainable food production and healthy living, FARM also cooks up some irresistible "FARMfamous Garlic Fries." A well-developed, sensitively-designed flavor graces your taste buds when you munch on these, especially after a dip in the flawless turmeric aioli.  Plus, you'll feel like an uptown, classy b**** when you're wolfing these down.

#1: The Tap

vegetable, sauce, meat
Grace Hwang

Price: $7.00

Yes, a bar has the best fries in Btown. Here's the description from their menu, which should cue you in on why they're proclaimed the most delicious fries in Bloomington:

"House seasoned french fries. Served with 4 house-made dipping sauces: beer cheese, Parmesan garlic aioli, sun dried tomato pesto crema and chipotle ranch."

Basically, you're served four separate appetizers due to the uniqueness of each sauce. The sun dried tomato pesto crema was almost unanimously the ultimate dipper of not only these four savory condiments, but of every one we tried that day. These fries are legitimately hype-worthy.  

Although advertised as "shareable," I'd consider ordering one for yourself. You're going to become greedy once you experience the spiritual bliss that is The Tap's "House Fries" appetizer.

Bailey Bromm

Many of us come to Bloomington for an education, and you've just received your Ph. D. in Bloomington's Frenchiest Fries. So get out into the real-world, my beautiful graduate, and put that degree to use.