Beginning in Ocean City in 1929, Thrasher's French Fries has multiple French fry stands on the beaches of Maryland and Delaware. Each individual French fry is perfectly crisp, tasty, and salty. In fact these fries are so good that on July 4th each year Thrasher's uses over 6,000 pounds of potatoes. So how does Thrasher's make French fries this good? It all starts with quality potatoes. 

The Preparation

Each potato is harvested in the early fall, typically from Idaho. The best Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes are then carefully chosen from storage cellars where the potatoes are kept in optimal conditions. To prepare these special potatoes for cutting, they are pre-soaked in stainless steel vats capable of holding 2,000 pounds of potatoes (That's a whole lot of potatoes!). A special slicing machine is used by the staff to ensure a uniform cut.

The Process

Once ready, the potatoes are fried in 100% peanut oil until they are perfectly crispy and are tossed with salt. I can confirm from personal experience that I have never had an overcooked, or undercooked French fry from Thrasher's. After frying, Thrasher's only offers apple cider vinegar and salt to customers as toppings. But don't fret, you can take it from an avid ketchup lover that these French fries are so delicious other condiments aren't needed at all.

Thrasher's dedication to quality produce and strict protocols have created a consistently delicious product. If you love French fries and are in the coastal Maryland or Delaware area, be sure to take a quick trip to Thrasher's French Fries (you will not regret it). Want to learn more about the process of making the world's best French fry? Checkout Thrasher's website here.