It's the most wonderful time of the year. And no, I'm not talking about cuffing season. The Winter Village at Bryant Park just opened. 

A manifestation of all things holiday season, the Winter Village is a favorite among tourists and city-folk alike. This year, every single vendor has upped their game. So, in order for you to beat the crowds and get a taste of every goodie possible, I've ranked the most must-eat foods at this year's Village.

Beatrice Forman

1. The Cretzel – Breads Bakery

doughnut, pastry, sweet, bread, dough, bagel, pretzel, cake
Beatrice Forman

While the rest of America was mourning the death of Hollywood power couple Brangelina, a new one emerged—the cretzel. A pretzel-croissant hybrid, the cretzel does it all. It's part chewy and savory, part flaky and sweet, and all-around a good time. The pumpkin flavor (topped with powered sugar, of course) makes for the perfect late fall treat.

2. Classic Beef Empanadas – La Sonrisa

sweet, pastry, cake
Beatrice Forman

Empanadas are Spanish for "pockets of happiness." Okay, maybe not really, but you get the point. La Sonrisa makes the best beef empanadas north of the border. Seasoned with all the spices and a dollop of sofrito, they have the perfect kick. Pair with some truffle mayo for some deliciously bougie street food. 

3. De Elvis – Wafles & Dinges

pork, sauce, meat, beef, barbecue
Beatrice Forman

Yo, Imma let Eggo finish, but Wafels & Dinges makes the best waffles of all time. Modeled after Elvis Presley's signature sammie, De Elvis is the ultimate brunch/dessert/anytime food. The waffle's soft yet crispy consistency makes an excellent base for the bacon and gooey peanut butter. Plus, the bananas make it a health food, obviously.

4. Tortas – Frida's Favorites

lettuce, chicken, sandwich
Beatrice Forman

Now I'm no art history buff, but I can definitely say this was Frida Kahlo's favorite sandwich. Unlike most of the food at the Winter Village, Frida's sandwiches leave you feeling healthy and fresh. I especially recommend the veggie version because you can never have too much avocado, right? 

5. Literally Any Doughnut – The Doughnut Project

Beatrice Forman

Disclaimer: I love doughnuts—like REALLY love doughnuts. So when I heard the Doughnut Project was selling their new 24 Carrot doughnut at the Village, I freaked and almost bought 10. Luckily, it did not disappoint. With a strong cream cheese base and a pistachio topping, not only is it the most refined doughnut on their eclectic menu, but the best. 

6. Maple Cinnamon Chicken – Chick'nCone

ice, waffle, ice cream, cream, chocolate
Beatrice Forman

Behold the best invention since the Snuggie: Chick'nCone. Not only is portable popcorn chicken the most ingenious thing to come out of 2016, it's also the tastiest. The chicken is super tender and well-seasoned, but the waffle cone is on par with any ice cream shop's. 

#SpoonTip: Want to take a peak at any of the vendors or try your hand at ice skating? Bryant Park's Winter Village is open daily from 11 am- 8 pm until January 2nd.