The Meadows is yet another New York City music festival coming to Citi Field on October 1st and 2nd, straight from the people who bring us Governors Ball each summer. Highlights from the lineup include Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, The Weeknd, The 1975, and more. It's that good.

Plus, The Infatuation has curated yet another amazing line up of food options with a lot of the classic festival eats. Check out the full list here (and for all you vegetarians and vegans, you can see which spots will have what you need.) But in case it's too much, here's a roundup of the best:

Uma Temekaria

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Uma Temekaria, home to the sushi burrito, bowl, and hand roll, reinvents the definition of fresh food. I always go for the sushi burrito and am honestly always shocked that it doesn't fall apart, but the seaweed wrap is pretty strong. It's the perfect light but filling food to eat as you walk around Citi Field. 

Cafe Habana

Cafe Habana makes some of the best corn eloté I have ever tasted. Not only do they rule the game in corn, they offer perfectly pressed Cuban sandwiches and fish tacos as well–all perfect and transportable festival foods.

Ramen Burger

It's never a music festival without the infamous ramen burger and if you've never had it, you have to try it. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't immediately fall apart in your hands. Plus, it tastes delicious.

Spaghetti Incident

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If Spaghetti in a cone isn't immediately appealing then I don't know what is. Spaghetti Incident makes every kind of spaghetti imaginable: bolognese, carbonara, sausage and broccoli rabe, and more. Plus, it comes in a cone perfect to hold in one hand, so you can stand in a crowd, walk around, or multitask while eating your pasta.


In my opinion, Roberta's serves some of the best pizza in New York City. Really easy to grab and go, pizza is the perfect festival food and you won't be disappointed in Roberta's. It's homemade, thoughtfully executed, and delicious. 


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Dough donuts are the biggest, dough-iest, mouthwatering donuts you could possibly eat. I was never the biggest fan of doughy donuts until I tried these. They're perfect to eat by yourself or share, and Dough makes so many flavors to try like my personal favorite–mocha almond crunch–and other, more interesting flavors such as matcha and hibiscus.

Luke's Lobster

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Don't let the summer foods go yet. Luke's Lobster serves some of the best lobster rolls I've ever tasted, and they're straight out of New York City (although they do have locations throughout the rest of the Northeast too.) My personal favorite thing to get isn't the lobster roll, but the lobster grilled cheese which tastes heavenly. Either way, there's no wrong choice.

The Bao Shoppe

Bao bun sandwiches have been all the rage lately. Bao buns are made out of a sweet and savory, fluffy dough that can be stuffed with pretty much anything. The Bao Shoppe serves up buns wrapped around things like popcorn shrimp, crispy tofu, and pork belly. Plus, they have bubble tea, which is always a fun drink because you drink and chew it.


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Deciding what kind of dessert you're more in the mood for is always a hard decision, which is why Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches are the perfect answer. And they aren't just any regular ice cream sandwiches. Some of the cookie options include black and white cookies, brownies, and cocoa pebble cookies while the ice cream options range from fried chicken & waffles to gin & tonic. Count me in.