I am currently spending the semester studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and yes—it has been an absolutely amazing experience.

Living and learning in an international city has been quite the change of pace from spending my time at Washington & Lee in the quaint little town of Lexington, Virginia.

While the options for food in Copenhagen are practically endless, there are certain things unique to good ol' Lexington that I miss horribly.

If you ever study abroad, be prepared. Here's a comprehensive list of the best food from Lexington, VA that you'll miss the most:

Sweet Things Ice Cream

Melinda Kauffman

Gelato is oh-so-delicious, light and creamy. It's everything Europe in a lick of cold, elegant dessert. But I miss the homemade waffle cones from Sweet Things in Lexington. I miss the thick but still creamy flavors that change with the seasons. I'll enjoy my gelato while I'm abroad, but there's nothing like walking the colonnade with a waffle cone in hand.

Co-Op Loaded Fries

sauce, chili, chicken
Vicky Nguyen

Well, duh. The go-to late night food in Copenhagen is Shawarma and Falafel, which is undoubtedly incredibly tasty, but unfortunately just does not even come close to being as satisfying as some cheesy, bacon-y loaded fries at 2:00 in the morning. 

Hillel Caprese

Rachel Hicks

Arguably the best item on the menu at Hillel, the Caprese sandwich is just the right amount of flatbread, mozzarella cheese, veggies, and pesto. And don’t even get me started on adding avocado.

Hillel Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

Rachel Hicks

While we’re on the subject of Hillel, it would be a crime to leave out their incredible melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I can’t tell you how many times I got one of these to “save for later” just to have it disappear in the next five minutes. 

Palm’s Falafel Burger

Josie Anker

Nothing compares to this scrumptious fried chickpea cake served on a brioche bun with creamy herbed cheese, arugula, and red onion. I can almost taste it now...

Center for Global Learning Granola Bar

Lily Horsley

If you haven’t had one of these… I’m sorry. You’re really missing out. They are delicious. They are perfection in the form of a bar. They are life-changing, and you should go buy one. Now. 

Pure Eats Donuts

Lily Horsley

While Copenhagen is full of pastries (the options of where to buy your daily croissant or cinnamon roll are endless), donuts haven’t quite taken off in this city. In fact, I have heard from a few Danes that they loved trying a donut from Dunkin Donuts when they visited the United States. Sure, a Dunkin donut can be good, but everyone deserves to taste a freshly baked Pure Eats donut at least once in their life.

Southern Inn Fried Chicken

Lily Horsley

Nothing screams “America” to me so much as the Southern Inn Fried Chicken. It's to die for. Crispy, buttery, culinary perfection. I know what my first dinner back in Lexington in January is going to be!

I highly recommend studying abroad, but if you do, don't say I didn't warn you about the food withdrawals. And if you’re currently in Lexington, please enjoy the wonderful food all around you. Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of fried chicken and loaded fries…