The one thing that can ruin any perfect day is the debate that we all know far too well. It goes something like "what do you want to eat?" "I don't know, what do you want to eat?" The one thing that no one wants to do after a fun, relaxing day at the beach is worry about where to eat, grab a drink, or enjoy dessert. This article will serve as a guide for the best places for food in Fire Island from the perspective of a local Fire Islander.

1. The Best: Dinner with a View

Maguire's Restaurant is not only home to one of my favorite dishes (the curried shrimp that is served in half a pineapple), but also contains the best view of the sunset from a dining table you may ever see. This restaurant excites every sense- sight and taste especially. On top of Maguire's breathtaking view at the time of sunset, the restaurant is newly renovated for this upcoming season.

Maguire's also offers multiple specials. Maguire's two largest specials are their "Taste Of Fire Island prix fix dinner" and their "Lobsterpalooza Festival". The prix fix dinner runs from Monday to Thursday includes a choice of a tasty soup, a fresh salad and a choice of a delecatable entree for only $31.

The Lobsterpalooza Festival is a hit at Maguire's and runs every Thursday evening. This includes a choice of soup, a choice of salad, and Lobster or Prime Rib served with corn on the cob, baked potato, and bread. Maguire's also caters to the late night crowd with their Late Night happening every Friday and Saturday from 12pm-4am

2. The Best: Sweet Shoppe

Fire Island is home to many ice cream shops-- an ice cream lover's dream. But, the true ice cream lover wants only the finest selections, trust me, I fall into this "ice cream lover" category. This leads all ice cream lovers to the Ice Castle in Ocean Beach. What better way to cool down from the beach than a choice of 32 flavors of pure decadence? The Ice Castle not only has ice cream, but also has Italian Ices and Milkshakes too.

Not in the mood for a cold treat? The Ice Castle is filled with almost every candy one could imagine. Fresh fudge is also made in a huge variety of different flavors ranging from Twix to Raspberry Crumb to Original. Along with classic candies, such as Twizzlers and Airheads, the Ice Castle is home to a huge display case of gourmet chocolates, there are at least 40 different kinds of chocolates in the case at once.

And if you're feeling a little daring... the Ice Castle is home of the "chocolate covered cricket challenge"-- yes you heard that correctly. A cricket, hand dipped in chocolate and ready to be consumed. If you choose to accept this challenge then you will be initiated into the "I ate a cricket club"-- a coveted club among Island locals.

3. The Best: Slice

Town Pizza is a hit among locals and visitors alike. This is the place to go when you just need something quick, easy and downright delicious. Many visitors are attracted to the "cold cheese pizza" slice at Town Pizza, but the locals truly know where it's at.

Well known to the locals of Fire Island is the "chicken boom boom" slice. This slice is loaded with chicken cutlet slices drizzled in "boom boom" sauce. This sauce is a mix of Cajun spices and Godly creation and serves as an explosion of flavor in everyone's mouth who consumes it.

4. The Best: Drink

CJ's claim to fame is "home of the Rocket Fuel". The Rocket Fuel is an improved version of the typical Pina Colada. This drink combines rums, amaretto, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, ice and cream into a blender. After all of these ingredients are blended together it is topped with Bacardi 151 and garnished with a cherry. Along with CJ's famous rocket fuel, you will always find a friendly and fun stuff along with upbeat music for a good time.

Fun Fact: CJ's is also the only restaurant open year round in Fire Island. This is both a favor to the locals and a saving grace to anyone craving a mid winter Rocket Fuel.

5. The Best: Breakfast and Bakery

...aka the best cure for the hangover you have from the aforementioned rocket fuel. Rachel's Bakery in Ocean Beach offers a wide variety of breakfast options. Most famous here is the mouth watering French Toast and the delectable crumb cake. Rachel's Bakery also offers bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches (for the true Long Islander). Along with breakfast, Rachel's is also open for lunch and dinner.