In the beginning of the year I made a goal to visit every dining hall at the University of Michigan, and I’m proud to say that I finally did it. After trying various kinds of food at every dining hall, I’ve come to the realization that there isn’t one dining hall that reigns supreme. Many people argue that South Quad has the best food, but the truth is every dining hall has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are all the foods you should (or shouldn’t) get from each one. 

South Quad

South Quad definitely has the most options out of all the dining halls, but that doesn't mean they have the most good options. The stir-fry is usually a solid choice, but it can be a hit or miss depending on who prepares it. I often go to Sabroso (basically an off-brand Chipotle) for a burrito bowl, which isn’t amazing, but typically better than most of the other options. If you like sandwiches, the deli is pretty good, but it’s usually only open for lunch. If you're looking for your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, don't come here. South Quad almost never has good fruit. At best you’ll get a half-ripe chunk of pineapple and a flavorless piece of cantaloupe. Also don't come for the pizza; it's tolerable but not great. The cheese is rarely melted and the cheese/sauce proportion is usually way off.

East Quad

East Quad may have fewer options, but they usually have the best vegetarian food. In addition to checking out the 24 Carrots section (the vegetarian section), try these: the cheese bread, strawberries, steel-cut oatmeal, and the make-your-own omelette bar. There's nothing particularly bad at East Quad, but if you go on a bad day, you may not find anything worth eating.


Mosher-Jordan, commonly referred to as Mojo definitely has the best pizza of all the dining halls (their feta bread is often better than Pizza House). They also have a good selection of bagels in the morning. Of course, their famous cookies live up to the hype (pro tip: wait for a new batch to come so you can get them while they’re hot). They usually don’t have the best fruit, but other than that there’s nothing bad at Mojo. They have a pretty decent selection of food, so you'll probably be able to find something good every time.


Bursley actually does a lot of things right as a dining hall. They often have self-serve stations with rice and stir-fried chicken, tofu and beef. It’s essentially the same thing as South Quad’s stir-fry station, but without the long wait. They also undoubtedly have the best fruit (I mean there's whole kiwis!!) They also have Life Cereal, which I haven’t found at any other dining hall. So far I haven't run into anything bad at Bursley. The only small complaint I have is that they don't have vegetarian burgers in the Wildfire section.


Markley may be tiny, but the grill definitely makes up for it. You can build your own pizza or burger, satisfying all of your gluttonous desires. There aren't a lot of options, so if you don't like the main dish served, head straight to the grill. I highly recommend getting a burger on a pretzel bun with grilled onions and a fried egg (yes, that's an option!). Interestingly enough, Markley also seems to have the best selection of non-dairy milk.

Twigs at Oxford/North Quad

I'm grouping these two dining halls in the same category because there's honestly nothing good or special about them. They're both very small, with nothing redeeming about either one. Twigs does have a grill, but it's nowhere near as good as Markley's. If these are the dining halls closest to you, I recommend going somewhere else. It'll almost always be worth it.

Overall, the best dining hall depends on the food preferences of each person. If you're craving pizza, head to Mojo or East Quad. If you want a burger, head to Markley. There's a different dining hall for every person, so try each one and see what you think!