Once Upon a time...

I was in a long and committed relationship. Blah, blah, blah. Fast forward to today and I have officially spent one year and a few months navigating the ins and outs of the single world. 

While pioneering my way through awkward first dates, I have accumulated quite the list of trials and errors. But, from time to time, a first date turns into a night to remember. 

Based on my own personal ventures, I believe it's time to share what I have found to be the best first date spots in St. Petersburg.

Quick Tip! Gain Some Altitude!

A good view sets the tone for the whole night. Odds are you don't know each other too well, so why not start the night with something everyone can agree on: a beautiful view. This can easily be done by gaining some altitude, which is really just a cool way for saying find a rooftop bar.

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Kate Lawlor

Pier Teaki

A debt of gratitude is owed to the city of St. Petersburg. The newly built St. Pete Pier makes for remarkable views, and one of the best first date spots in town.

After a scenic walk down The Pier, walk up the stairs to Pier Teaki. Here, you can find 360 degree views of the bay and a view of the city's skyline so picturesque, you can no longer ignore how beautiful life is here in St. Pete.

Good drinks and appetizers, accompanied by a laid back atmosphere at an affordable price, this date spot is a tough one to beat.

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Melissa Ho

The Canopy at the Birchwood

Still gaining altitude and chasing a good view? The Canopy at the Birchwood makes for a great first date spot. Located on Beach Drive, take the elevator up to a rooftop bar perched above city with views of the bay. With great cocktails and better appetizers than Pier Teaki, the Birchwood is a St. Pete classic. 

Complete with high-top tables, center couches, private canopy lounges and upbeat music, The Canopy provides a cool Miami style atmosphere that can lead to a night of exploring the downtown area that you have been gazing over all night.

Quick Tip! Nobody Wants an Entreé!

Coming from an extremely hungry person, this has been a tough skill to master. Deciding on a meal leads to too much curiosity and too many questions; nobody is ready to sit down and dig into a big dinner.

Share small plates instead, and get yourself a drink or two.

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Amelia Hitchens


What better way to get to know somebody than trying new foods?

Ceviche is a Spanish Tapas restaurant with a menu so diverse, you can always find an exciting bite that you have never tried before. With fish, meat, poultry, vegan and vegetarian options, there is a dish for everybody here and the plates are designed to be shared. 

Alongside the incredible food, Ceviche is home to one of St. Pete's best kept secrets that is bound to turn a good first date into a great one: Ché Lounge. Find your way down Ceviche's staircase into a dimly lit underground lounge with live music and a Latin flare to keep the night going.