Aside from picking an outfit to wear, one of the hardest tasks of a first date is finding a place to eat. With all of the delicious eateries located in Silicon Valley, it can be quite overwhelming to find the perfect spot to grab a bite. One restaurant might offer exceptional food and an exceptional experience, but be heavy on the wallet. Other restaurants might be less expensive, but the ambiance is not as comforting.

These restaurants are the best for first date spots because all of them offer a myriad of dishes sure to please even the pickiest eater. Moreover, most of these restaurants offer options and accommodations for people with dietary needs, whether that be gluten intolerance, vegan, vegetarian, or lactose intolerance. All these restaurants have a nice, comforting ambience. Ranging from Asian and Mexican, to American fare, this list has what I presume to be, "The Best First Date Spots in Silicon Valley ". 

1. Cheesecake Factory

One of the classics for any first date, whether in California or not, is none other than the Cheesecake Factory. Home to some of the best cheesecake, this place is perfect for the first date because of it also offers a wide variety of dishes. From pasta, to pizza, to tacos, to even coconut shrimp, the Cheesecake Factory sure has something to satisfy even the most indecisive eaters. In addition, they serve some of the best, fluffiest, and most delicious bread. I mean, who can resist the free bread? Despite the Cheesecake Factory can be a little on the pricier side, it is worth the splurge. 

2. Macaroni Grill

I have yet to come across someone who has said that they hate pasta. Italian food is thought of as being "romantic", which is why Macaroni Grill can be considered to be great first dates. The ambiance and lighting in Macaroni Grill is very dim and makes for a romantic setting. Like the Cheesecake Factory, they offer heavenly bread. Their bread is doused with garlic, fresh out of the oven, warm, crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside. Similarly, their entrees do not disappoint. Macaroni Grill, however, is not a cheap eat, but if you want to impress your date, this is surely the place to be. If it goes well enough, you might even share a special Lady and the Tramp moment.

3. GEN

GEN is an all you can eat Korean Barbecue Place where you cook your food at your table. It is almost always buzzing with customers. The dipping sauces are delicious, the sides are plentiful, the meat is tender, and the overall food is delightful . Due to the low light, it makes for a romantic ambiance and the fact that you cook food together can create a memorable bonding experience. The only downside with GEN its lengthy wait times, ranging from 2-3 hours. If you choose to go during lunch, the wait time will be much less. But hey, if you need some time to get to know each other, waiting together for these hours might just make dinner a little less awk. 

4. Yard House

The Yard House is placed more on the more on the pricey side of the spectrum. However, thanks to happy hour, it makes this place more affordable thanks to the half off prices for food.  Their appetizers are delicious, flavorful, and very creative.  Though bars are not thought of as being ideal for first dates, this place bears a classy, yet casual ambiance. Nonetheless, it is still a great place to grab a drink and small bite to eat.

5. Vung Tau

It's no secret that Silicon Valley has good Vietnamese food due to the influx of Vietnamese people living in this area. One of the best restaurants in this area is Vung Tau. They are best known for their eggrolls, which have a unique, crispy, exterior wrapping. The food here is fresh, delicious, satiating, and flavorful. Vung Tau not only has delicious eggrolls and entrees, but they also offer Vietnamese bean desserts such as che ba mau. However, because it is located in downtown, it is sometimes difficult to find parking so plan accordingly. It does not look good to show up to a date late.

6. Bonchon

Wings are not a common first date idea because of how messy they are. This chain specializes in KFC, but not the one that you're used to. Bonchon serves up some of the crispiest, tastiest, most delicious Korean Fried Chicken. Whether you choose soy garlic or spicy, you will be sure to get a bang for your buck. Even if you are not a wing person, they also offer chicken strips, fried rice, fries, tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes), and even salad! 

7. Rubio's

Rubio's is considered to be more of a chain restaurant, but it still deserves a spot on this list. The price is affordable and the fish tacos are the bomb! They also have a salsa bar with different types of salsa to appeal to your taste buds. If you don't want to commit yourself to a full sit down dinner with some random stranger, this option is perfect.

8. Mizu Sushi Bar

If you prefer sushi over classic American fare, Mizu Sushi Bar offers a large array of different kinds of sushi rolls. The ambience and fancy decor of this place is what makes it great for a first date. Their fish is fresh, well seasoned, and melts in your mouth. Similarly, the vegetables taste fresh and crisp and the rice seasoned to perfection. Not a sushi fan? Mizu also offers fish and steak. 

9. BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant

Known mainly for their pizookies, BJ's also serves up classic American fare, like burgers and pizza. Similar to the Cheesecake Factory, BJ's has many options to choose from entree-wise. If you have trouble deciding on a place that has lots of options, but not with the high prices, this place is the perfect fit!

10. Casa Azteca

Last up on this list is Casa Azteca. Even though Casa Azteca is not located in San Jose, it is still an honorable mention. Casa Azteca is a family-run restaurant that has been operating in the heart of Milpitas for nearly 40 years. The food is fresh, hearty, and largely portioned. For the amount of food they give, it is definitely a cheap eat. It's great when you want to eat something delicious, but don't have all the money in the world. Like most typical Mexican chains, this chain offers complimentary chips and spicy salsa. However, beware of the chips. They are very addicting, and you may fill up on them before your actual meal arrives. 

First dates are not all about food. The food and atmosphere can enhance the quality of a date, but dates are really about getting to spend time and know each other. There is no "wrong" restaurant for a first date. As long as you enjoy your time, it is all that matters. However, given the quality of the food and the ambiance of these restaurants, they will surely enhance the quality of a first date.