Known for its bustling Main Street, idyllic tree-lined cul-de-sacs, and easy commute to Manhattan, Mount Kisco, NY, is best known for being a suburban utopia. Yet, this close-knit community has another secret superpower: romance. With its centrally located movie theater and variety of diverse restaurant offerings, Mount Kisco is primed for the first date. Whether you're cozying up with a Tinder match over sushi and poke or playing footsie under the table at an Ethiopian spot, Mount Kisco has you covered. These are the best first date spots in Mount Kisco, NY. 

1. Bareburger:

Bareburger is the place you take a blind date. With an all encompassing menu of burgers, salads, and bar snacks, over one-third of which are vegetarian and vegan friendly, this chain is a real crowd-pleaser. Moreover, its casual vibe with wooden furnishings and farm-themed accents is the right kind of unpretentious, never making you feel overdressed or hopelessly casual. 

So, whether your date is vegan with a penchant for comfort food or gym regular who won't stop talking about bulking season, both will be begging for a second date after a taste of a Beyond Meat burger.

2. Little Crepe Street:

Date won't shut up about his or her "absolutely life-changing study abroad" in Paris, where crepes were "kind of, like, a big deal?" Take them to Little Crepe Street, restauranteur Bonnie Saran's all day crepe cafe in the heart of Mount Kisco. With authentic savory crepes filled with prosciutto and Brie and sweet ones expertly drizzled with Nutella, this spot imports Parisian romance to Westchester County. 

#SpoonTip: Feeling like a big spender? For an extra $2, add a scoop of SoCo Creamery ice cream to your crepe for an extra sweet touch.

3. Little Drunken Chef:

Curious if your date is a keeper? See how they feel about sharing. At Bonnie Saran owned oyster bar and tapas restaurant, Little Drunken Chef, sharing really is caring. Order an array of small plates for the table, like well-seasoned empanadas or authentic paella, and get lost in the flavors of the Spanish countryside (or your date's eyes, we won't judge.)  

#SpoonTip: Dying to hit the dance floor? Hit up Little Drunken Chef on Friday night for live music, a DJ, and drink specials.

4. Mt. Kisco Diner:

Who says date night needs to be serious, with candle lighting and portions that could fit in a thimble? At Mt. Kisco Dinner, date night is fun again, thanks to their emphasis on larger-than-life presentation and mastery of diner classics. Treat your high school crush to breakfast-for-dinner with fluffy pancakes laden with toppings or split a round of cheesy appetizers with the office hunk. Either way, a meal at Mt, Kisco Diner ends with a whole lot of whimsy, and even more leftovers. 

#SpoonTip: Head straight to dessert and order a Love Shake topped with a heart-shaped cookie and festive cupcakes to set the mood. After all, subtlety is so 2017.

5. Exit 4 Food Hall:

First dates breed the kind of indecision that leads to the worst kind of predicament: not knowing where to eat. Avoid hanger (and a lot of awkward small talk) and head right to Exit 4 Food Hall, a dine-around experience mimicking the effortless cool of NYC dining. With 9 vendors serving everything from sushi to pasta in a warm and inviting space that similar concepts lack, Exit 4 is city experience in your own backyard.

6. Village Social:

Village Social, Mount Kisco's unofficial date night spot, creates an environment that breeds conversation and flirtation. Thanks to its minimalist design, including a large patio, the food shines. It's seasonal menu takes on dinner cornerstones — burgers, pasta, pizza — and elevates them with the addition of locally sourced ingredients like wild flower honey and freshly butchered veal. Village Social's menu is thoughtful and interesting, making your date think you're at least a little cool.

8. Lalibela:

You heard it here first: move over French cuisine, Ethiopian food is the most romantic. Served on injera, a bread that's part utensil and part snack, these platters are made for intimate sharing. Each platter is packed with vegetarian and carnivorous offerings, not to mention tons of spice. As a bonus, you'll get tons of brownie points with your date for taking them on the equivalent of an exotic vacation. I mean, who doesn't love an adventurous foodie?

So, next time you're thinking of impressing a lucky guy or gal, skip the train ride to Manhattan and opt for a night in Mount Kisco.