So you've met the girl or guy of your dreams downtown last night at PB's and you're almost positive they are the one. You both listen to the same music, bonded over your mutual love for Sup Sauce and practically drooled when they mentioned their outstanding record playing flip cup. THIS is your person... they could really be the one. However, what you did not discuss was food preferences, but you've already committed to the first date, and its coming up pretty fast. With little time to spare it is crucial you choose the perfect restaurant in Greenville, so I have taken the time to write this sure-fire date spots around Greenville guide, for you. 

For the Budgeted ($30-$60)


Tasteful. Classy. Dank. In summation, this place has a great ambiance that is sure to impress without being intimidating. The food is primarily Italian, so its easy to please picky eaters! For the record, aTavola! is one of my favorite restaurants in Greenville. 

Luna Pizza 

Though the name does not indicate its glory, Luna Pizza is far more than a Pizzeria. Inside Luna is actually pretty sophisticated-looking. It's a cozy and inviting pizza heaven, where you finger-food lovers can dine in decadence. Along with aTovola! this place is easy on the palette, so you both will surely be able to find something. As a side note, if your significant other does not like pizza, I beg you to reconsider them as a potential mate. 

Christie's Euro Pub

Christie's is for you hippie types out there- yes, you there in the flannel, wearing beat up Converse, and perhaps a stone of some sort around your neck (I just described myself too, so don't take offense to the general description). Y'all will feel right at home here. Keep your flannels on, ditch the typical first date attire. Tuck away in a booth, order some grub and get talkin'. This is the place to get pleasantly lost in good conversation for a few hours.

For the Ballin' ($60-$100)

If for some reason, you are dripping in bills as a college student, or just dying to impress this new love interest, check out these gems.

Plum Tree Bistro

Plum Tree Bistro is one of the lesser known restaurants in Greenville, but this place has a genuine sophisticated feel. Break out the heels ladies, and gent's, the button downs. Quiet, dimly lit, and intimate. 

The Dickinson Avenue Public House (The DAP House)

While The DAP House is plenty more casual than Plum Tree Bistro, it is still elegant enough to impress. You know it's fancy, because there are words you have to google on the menu like 'galette' and 'ravigote'. 

Nino's Cucina Italiana 

It's delicious. And surprisingly, authentic. Being from northern New Jersey, I am privileged to experience the closest you can get to real Italian food, without having to go there. When I decided to go to North Carolina for school, giving up authentic Italian food was one of the hardest facts I thought I had to face. BUT, I found you, Nino's. And I thank you. Your date will too. 

Hopefully this narrowed it down for you love birds, good luck and happy dating!