Going on the first date can be daunting. Choosing what to wear, what you're going to talk about, how to present yourself (because *sigh* first impressions are everything) and deciding what to do can all be a little overwhelming. The first step after asking that person out is deciding where you're going to have the date. First date spots in Boston are easy to come by from the large amount of options that are offered to you in the city. If you happen to be running on a blank slate and need help, here are a few places for you to eat and venture around at with that special person.

Faneuil Hall

Sasha Padilla

Faneuil Hall is a glorious place to travel to all year round. Around this whole area, there's stores to shop at, performers on the streets to watch, going on a romantic walk down to the Boston Harbor, hundreds of options to eat from when you go through the Boston Public Market, Quincy Market, or surrounding restaurants and pubs. If you are looking for something that is laid back and fun, this would be a great place to be at on your first date.

New England Aquarium

Who doesn't love sea animals? New England Aquarium is a fun and magical place for you and your date to roam around and look at sea turtles, penguins, whales, and tons of other sea creatures. The atmosphere will put you at ease if one, or both of you, tends to get nervous on the first date. This place will always give you something to constantly talk about and a chance to get close to one another with the romantic mood lighting the aquarium has. 

For dining, there's a cafe for visitors to eat at inside the aquarium, but if you both feel like venturing out, there are tons of surrounding options to eat at. There are restaurants like Waterline, Chart House, Legal Seafoods, and Fanueil Hall where both Quincy Market and Boston Public Market are located. 

Hanover Street

Sasha Padilla

Ahh, the Little Italy of Boston. When you approach Hanover Street, tons of people walk the streets whether the sun is shining or late at night, and you can smell the pasta, pizza, and calzons every time you pass a restaurant or cafe. It's the golden spot if you and your date are craving Italian.

There's multiple cute bakery's hidden around this area that are perfect spots for dessert. Some of my personal favorites are Bovas, Bricco Panetteria, and Mike's Pastry.

The Upper Crust

Sasha Padilla

Who doesn't love pizza? The Upper Crust has a very laid back ambiance, which might be perfect for the first date so you'll be able to get to know the person without tons of pressure. Suggestion, if you don't want to devour a whole pie by yourselves (I mean, I've done it, but you don't need to follow in my footsteps), they sell their pizza by the slice.

The Upper Crust has serveral locations in Boston, but if you're looking for something that has things for you to do around the area, the location to be at is Beacon Hill. There's tons of cute shops to go through up and down the street, and if you walk down a little, you'll run into the Esplanade. If you want this to be an extra special date, go there at night time so you both can sit on the dock and watch the city lights before your eyes with the Charles River right at the bottom of your feet. I'm telling you, it's super romantic!

Have Fun You Two

Now that you have ideas for your first date in Boston brewing up in your head, it's time to take that lucky person out. If you're looking for more restaurant suggestions, Lexi Lietzke helps you out even further for your upcoming date.