Oh my gahhhh Chipotle’s your life but you’re studying abroad. You’re thousands of miles away from the nearest Sweetgreen. Sure, you’re in Europe surrounded by some of the best cuisine known to man, but sometimes you just need a simple meal.

What’s a basic betch to do? Could there possibly be some Postmates angel out there willing to hop on a 7-hour flight to bring you your beloved ShackBurger?

Nope. #sorryboutit

But, if you were smart enough to go abroad to Copenhagen, these 7 places will make even the filthiest of Animal Style fries die of jealousy.



Photo courtesy of palaeo.dk

Just when you thought you’d have to wave goodbye to your high maintenance diet, Europe comes in clutch. Palæo shuns processed carbs but embraces taste. They offer a slew of killer wraps (with a thin omelet replacing the traditional tortilla) as well as some more signature dishes like bolognese vegetable spaghetti and chicken curry.

Feeling extra bougie? Definitely try the birch tree water. Plus, all the tall blonde dudes in fitted black t-shirts could transport even the most carbicidal foodie back to cave times.



Photo courtesy of 42raw.com

Specializing in plant-based eats, 42°Raw serves up dope sandwiches on gluten-free bread and seasonal salads with amazing add-ins.

Just because the restaurant has sworn off sugar, dairy, and gluten, doesn’t mean you can’t get your dessert fix. Their raw treats pair perfectly with protein-packed shake or almond milk latte.



Photo courtesy of smagnu.dk

Meaning “taste” in Danish, Smag is the Sweetgreen of Scandinavia. With 12 different salad options and a collection of gourmet toppings, hitting up Smag is one way you can beat the #abroadbod without suffering the fierce wrath of FOMO.

Gorm’s Pizza (Torvehallerne)


Photo courtesy of gormspizza.dk

This pizza joint is named after Gorm Wisweh, the man Saint who brought gourmet pizza to CPH. Gorm’s location in Cope’s covered market dishes out unreal pizza in under 10 minutes by perfecting the three key elements of a great pie: kickass dough fermented all night, perfectly seasoned tomato sauce, and always fresh mozz.

This dude is seriously passionate and with a new seasonal pie every three months, you know that ish is fresh.



Photo courtesy of groed.com

Don’t bother stuffing your suitcase with packets of Quaker’s finest for fear of foreign food. With their simple concept of making oatmeal more than a dull way to fill up your tum tum, GRØD has you covered.

A morning bowl of their porridge topped with nuts, fruit, and skyr (Danish yogurt) will help you crush it when you actually have to do the studying part of abroad (lol jk, nah).



Photo courtesy of Sliders

Variety is the spice of life and Sliders knows what’s up. For about the price of double ShackBurger, you can mix and match 3 different burgers from Slider’s 9 incredible options. With 4 types of mayo and fries flecked with real gold, you can finally silence your In-N-Out-obsessed friends.



Photo courtesy of wagamama.dk

Homesick for the true American college diet? Hit up Wagamama – it’s just like making ramen in your dorm room, except that it doesn’t suck and you get to hold on to your dignity just a tad longer.

This modern Japanese-inspired noodle shop is the perfect meal to carb up with before an all night rager or recover with the next day when said rager inevitably claims said dignity.