A hidden gem in DTLA, The Factory Kitchen is an Italian restaurant that has a unique spin on many classic dishes along with some traditional pasta dishes that have been perfected. So here are the best dishes to try at the Factory Kitchen L.A. Enjoy! 

pizza, beer
Tanya Soni



Tanya Soni

Not just any prosciutto, their parma prosciutto is 24 months aged on lightly fried sage dough topped with stracciatella. A delight to the tastebuds and the perfect start to the meal. 


fish, seafood
Tanya Soni

Another great appetizer choices is some Marinaresca with marinated mediterranean octopus, calamari, white shrimp, celery, tomatoes, and olives. This dish is for any seafood lovers. I often find calamari to be over-fried at seafood places, so this was a nice fresh and lighter version and a great way to start off the night. 


salmon, tomato
Tanya Soni

Their classic starter is a salad with oranges, white frisée, arugula, castelvetrano olives, and lemon-chili dressing. This was definitely not your traditional salad but I wish it was because I would take this sweet and tangy salad over a Caesar any day. 


Mandilli di seta

olive, avocado, olive oil, oil, spinach
Tanya Soni

Their menu switches up a traditional pesto with handkerchief pasta, paired with ligurian almond basil pesto. It is by far the most "basic" pasta on the menu but it does not disappoint. The richness of the sauce contrasted with the sheety texture of the pasta creating a unique gourmet dining experience. I have never had pasta be so rich yet light. I would highly recommend this pasta to anyone who enjoys quality over quantity of ingredients. 



brownie, cream, ice, ice cream, chocolate
Tanya Soni

Pictured here are chocolate filled cream puffs, blueberry-port wine sauce, with chantilly cream and praline dust. It is hard to describe the ecstasy I felt when these entered my mouth. The blueberry sauce was an interesting addition that brought the whole dish together. 


cake, chocolate mousse, mousse, chocolate
Tanya Soni

Here is an espresso soaked buckwheat tiramisu cake with mascarpone mousse and toffee crunch. I have had my fair share of tiramisu's in my life and this was definitely in my top five.


cannoli, cream, cake, chocolate
Tanya Soni

Nothing better than homemade cannoli shells with ricotta filling, orange marmalade, and pistachios. Words cannot do justice to the way these cannoli's made my feel. Just listen to me and go try them.