If you have ever lived in College Park, you know that there are a few mouthwatering diners that you just can not resist. Warm chocolate chip pancakes, perfectly scrambled eggs, greasy home fries, all-American pies, freshly brewed coffee, and, of course, grandma's famous chicken soup. These diner food classics are irresistible, but only if your diner-of-choice meets the appropriate level of perfection. 

Top notch diners are a judgement free zone - you can eat any meal you desire at any given time of day. Most diners are open 24-hours, however if they are not, they usually stay open relatively late. The convenience of diners separates them from other every other restaurant.

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Christin Urso

The price of the menu items also set them apart from other restaurants. The food is cheap, but perfect 24/7. What else can we ask for?

My friends and I used to end our nights out at the diner. That brings me to my next point - that diners are a social arena. Regardless of the time of day, you will recognize someone from your hometown or school. Diners are a ubiquitous American trend that attract crowds of customers. Diners are the place to be after midnight, when you wanna socialize with your friends. 

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Melissa Ho

Diners have existed in America for over decades, appealing to people of all ages. I have been to the diner countless times with my younger sister and my grandparents. There is an option on the menu that fits everyone's needs. When my family cannot agree on a restaurant to go to, the solution is easy - to the diner we go! All 11 of us are able to fit in either one booth or one long table comfortably, and order breakfast, lunch, or dinner no matter what time of day it is. Diners truly are a great tradition in American history

Another typical stigma of an old-fashioned diner includes a Jukebox that plays music. You are able to put in coins and select any song that you want from the lists. The vibrant silver and red colors of typical diners bring back memories of movies such as Grease. We all know the scene where Danny and Sandy go on a date to the diner, cmon. Diners come along with such a positive ambiance. They are family-oriented and super accommodating. Who wouldn't be down to eat at a diner?

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Julia Gilman

In the College Park area, I can think of two diners that never disappoint. One is the is the Silver Diner, while the other is the College Park Diner

The Silver Diner is the go-to restaurant with your friends or your parents when they visit! A whopping 7 minutes from the University of Maryland campus, The Silver Diner offers a great atmosphere and an unreal menu.

The Silver Diner fits the description of an old-fashioned diner in the sense that it has a light up sign outside, and a red/silver color scheme. The pictures hung up on the wall add to the overall diner vibe since they are vintage, retro styled. The chairs at the counter are twisty high tops. You really get the full diner experience when you step in there.

It is the place to go after game day, on parents weekend, or even on a lazy Sunday night for dinner. It always hits the spot!

The other diner that and never fails to disappoint is the College Park Diner located right on Route 1. It is a cute little restaurant, with an old-fashioned sign outside. It seems like a family-owned place. The food is fresh, homemade and always exceeds expectations. 

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Gabby Phi

The small, easy going pace of the College Park diner makes it a regularity. The diner food classics are included on this insane menu you'll have to see for yourself to believe.

So, whether you're looking to eat an oily burger, a scrumptious milkshake, eggs sunny side up, or all of the above, your next move is to eat at a diner near you (For you College Parkers, that means The Silver Diner or the College Park Diner!)