Though the area surrounding Berkeley campus does boast a wide variety of cuisines from Italian to Thai, there are still a couple choices missing for us.

Nothing will beat the experience of going out to eat with friends, but there’s also nothing wrong with ordering in every so often — especially if you want to fulfill a food craving and it’s the middle of midterm season.

Lucky for us, GrubHub helps us fill all our food needs, without forcing us to walk anywhere. Here are Berkeley students’ most popular picks:

1. El Burro Picante

El Burro Picante offers a huge variety of Mexican food including burritos, nachos, fries and tacos. Everything is cheap — nothing on the menu is over $10 — and there’s free delivery.

2. The Pearl House


Photo Courtesy of The Pearl House

For those of you craving Chinese food, delivery from The Pearl House is right up your alley. Its menu of traditional favorites, like Mongolian beef and chow mein, serves as the perfect dinner, and its equally impressive selection of tapioca drinks can be added on — to meet the delivery minimum, of course — for dessert.

3. Mehak Indian Cuisine

Mehak Indian Cuisine offers an almost overwhelming variety of choices ranging from our #noshame favorites like chicken tikka masala, to fascinating new plates, like hyderabadi chicken curry with apricots. We personally haven’t tried this restaurant yet, but after maintaining a 5-star status with 185 reviews, surely we can’t go wrong.

4. Sushi Ko

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Though this restaurant is a bit pricer than others on this list, can you really say no to sushi delivered to your front door? We can’t. In exchange for its price, Sushi Ko offers a huge selection of rolls, bento boxes and combination plates to satisfy your greatest cravings.

5. Tuk Tuk Thai

Their signature Pad Thai

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Perhaps Shattuck doesn’t qualify as being quite far enough for delivery, but we’re not about to judge you if you prefer Tuk Tuk Thai over closer restaurants. Besides, there’s something remarkably liberating about choosing from a menu that large when you’re so restrained by midterms.

6. Eat @ Thai

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Thai food fanatics rejoice — not only does Eat @ Thai offer a huge variety of lunchtime specials, but the delivery is also free. These Thai dishes stand out from the others with their diverse ingredient selection that includes sweet turnips, bell peppers and bamboo shoots.

7. Bangkok Noodles and Thai BBQ

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Next time you’re craving noodles, look no further than Bangkok Noodles and Thai BBQ. As its name proudly declares, this restaurant can deliver up to 22 different noodle dishes straight to your doorstep. The hardest part will be choosing only one.

8. King Kong Chinese Restaurant


Photo Courtesy of King Kong Chinese Restaurant

Everyone always has their own preference when it comes to Chinese restaurants. But there’s no denying that King Kong Chinese Restaurant has the best, and widest, selection of egg foo yong. Whether you prefer vegetables, BBQ pork or a combination of meat, this place has it all.

So next time you’re feeling too under the weather or cramped on time to make it to your restaurant of choice, check out one of these tried-and-true Berkeley student choices through GrubHub. Don’t worry — we won’t judge.