No matter how many times Hoyas are told that everything in Georgetown is less than a 10 minute walk away, our lazy efforts can’t be deterred. Whether we are still nursing last night’s hangover or we can’t eat one more sandwich from Mug during our all-nighter in Lau, there are always reasons to skip the walk and to order in food.

We’ve picked out some of Georgetown’s favorite delivery spots around DC and predicted your mood when you call in your order to one of these spots.

1. DC Wisey’s – When you don’t want your friends to see you cheating on your cleanse with a Chicken Madness.

No jokes here: just fresh, delicious and made to order food! #aprilfoolsday #californiadreamwrap

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While DC Wisey’s offers some dishes similar to its brother restaurant around the corner from the front gates, this deli also serves up some healthier alternatives. For instance, you can order from a host of different salad options as well as from leaner subs varieties.

#SpoonTip: DC Wisey’s serves breakfast all day.

2. Wingo’s – When boyfriends are overrated.

what you're seeing: 100 wings. #obsessedchickendisorder #wingos #happybirzdayadam #hanginout ?

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When you’ve given in to ordering Wingo’s, you are clearly letting off some good steam. The best part about ordering from Wingo’s is you can track the status of your order with just your nose — the aroma of goodness can be detected from blocks away. While the wings are the most popular item on the menu, especially for large groups, students often pair their order with a side of fries.

3. Mai Thai – When you need leftovers for three days.


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The serving sizes are dope for college students on a budget, and the popular sushi spot is a favorite among Hoyas looking for a speedy delivery.

#SpoonTip: If you order the drunken noodles or pad thai you’ll have leftovers for days on days on days.

4. Kitchen No. 1 – When Mai Thai was too expensive.


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Kitchen No. 1 is SO cheap, but you get what you pay for. It’s close proximity to campus makes it a tempting drunch option for students looking for a hefty meal delivered fast, #fullshame.

5. Pizza Movers & Calzones – When even drunk you knows Domino’s is never the move.

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This new pizza place on the block is becoming more popular among Georgetown students looking for quality pizza at a good price. Pizza Movers & Calzones is a great spot to order from when with a big group due to their wide range of menu options including pizza, gyros, wings, pasta dishes and more.

#SpoonTip: A slice of pizza from this restaurant is the closest you will get to New York style pizza in terms of taste and price.

6. Manny & Olga’s Pizza – When the delivery time from Pizza Movers is too long.


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Again, if you are looking for a one-stop shop to get all your drunchin’ needs, then Manny & Olga’s fits the bill. Even though Manny & Olga’s has a similar menu to Pizza Movers, this pizza joint has a slightly higher price point but a faster delivery time.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to try the pizza burger if you are feeling adventurous — it does not disappoint.

7. Cafe Romeo’s – When the delivery time from Manny & Olga’s is too long.


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Of the three pizza spots mentioned in this list, Cafe Romeo’s is definitely not open the latest. But this joint offers a much wider variety of pizza options, including pesto pizza, steak pizza and spicy chicken pizza.

Real Italian lovers should be sure to pair their order of pizza with a focaccia sandwich, #yum.

8. Canal Express & Little China Cafe – When you’re gonna #NetflixAndChill.


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With Georgetown’s limited access to classic Chinese food, Canal Express & Little China Cafe offers students the biggest bang for their bucks. Popular items on the menu include the sesame chicken, Lo Mein and the steamed dumplings.

9. Avocado Cafe – When you’re preparing for your spring break bod way too early.


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The Avocado Cafe offers a wide variety of healthy food options, including a banana and strawberry smoothie and the Avocado Power House Wrap — the name speaks for itself.

10. Afghan Kabob House – When you need an excuse not to go out.


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Yes to the hummus and pita bread. Yes to the chicken and lamb kabobs. Yes to the spinach rice. And finally, yes to the prices and late night delivery options.