Don't get me wrong—Everett Library is one of my favorite spots on campus, especially those desks looking out onto the quad on the second floor. Hanging at the library can get kinda boring, so why not kill two birds with one stone and study while adventuring? Genius. Here are our top ten picks of coffee shops near Queens University of Charlotte's campus to study at:

1. Amelie's French Café and Bakery

Their three locations are close to campus and unique in their own way. During my freshman orientation, it was a known fact that students flocked to the 24 hour NoDa location to sign up for classes over pastries and French sodas. Now with Uptown and Park Road locations, there's a variety of spots to check out. Crank out some work while checking out their beautiful yet eclectic decorations. Don't forget your salted caramel brownie!

2. Smelly Cat Coffeehouse

Who doesn't love a coffeeshop named Smelly Cat? Located in the heart of NoDa, this place is very small and cozy. Grab a booth and look at all the art from local artisans while sipping on award-winning coffee. From pour-overs to frappés, they're like Pokémon- you gotta try them all. Try the dirty chai or a toasted coconut frappé and prepare for your life to be forever changed.

3. Sunflour Baking Company

Their East Boulevard location is a literal Mecca for Queens students. Behold, the cheesy biscuit. It is the size of a baby's head and can be served as a breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, cheese, and avocado to help you fuel your grind. If you want something to put you on a sugar high, their cinnamon rolls are the same size as the biscuits and glazed in cream cheese icing decadence. The vibe is great too- cozy interior in an old house that you can kick back and sip a cold brew in. That's a win win if you ask me

4. The People's Market Dilworth

I visited their new shop the other day and I'm obsessed. Natural light from all the windows helps you take great pictures for your Instagram. Or helps you study better, either one. From the awesome music that they play to the cool art on the walls, it has a great aesthetic if you just need to get away from campus. They sell local coffee from Charlotte Coffee Company, as well as local beer and kombucha. Pair it with a bagel sandwich and study away! 

5. Not Just Coffee

This coffee shop has taken over Charlotte by storm, and their are locations everywhere. Conveniently enough for Queens students, there are four locations less than five minutes from school in Dilworth, Elizabeth, Packard Place, and 7th Street Public Market. Prepare for hipster vibes and an aesthetic that just screams "cool". Prepare to snack on some of the best avocado toast and caramel lattes you'll ever have. 

6. Cuplux

What if you literally have zero time to sit down in a coffeeshop? Have no fear- Cuplux is the answer to all your coffee prayers. Owner Ian is one of the nicest humans you will ever meet, and makes all the syrups and coffee flavors in house. This drive-thru artisan coffeeshop creates everything from caramel lattes with homemade caramel to mocha habaneros. Every three months, they try different coffee companies to keep things fresh and community oriented. Plus Mondays are $1 drip coffee days- how can you beat that?

7. South End Grind

Former Queens alumi Freddie owns this coffeeshop located in SouthEnd. They offer everything from aeropress coffee to delicious lattes. The modern atmosphere is killer as well, with tables and desks everywhere and the aroma of coffee in the air. Grab a Nutella mocha and go support your local coffeeshop!

8. Trade and Lore CLT

Located in NoDa above Salud Cerveceria, it's one of those places you have to see to believe. Beautiful atmosphere with greenery, plush couches, wooden tables, and marble countertops to sip coffee at. They have a variety of nitro coffee and tea on tap that will give you just the right amount of caffeine that you need. It's cold outside so grab a cider and chillax.

9. Dunx Coffee

This spot is a GEM. Locate inside BlackHawk Hardware at the Park Road Shopping Center run by a father and son team. Their menu is super simple- you can get a nitro cold brew or a pourover. They roast all their coffee in house and have a ton of flavors, so good luck trying to pick one. They're all delicious. There is no place to sit down and do work here yet, so it's one of those spots you can drive by real quick and grab something. It's so worth it though!

10. The Mayobird

Last on this list, but certainly not least! This spot is two minutes from campus on East Blvd- probably less if you drive there. Lots of cozy couches and plenty of tables to set up shop and work. Their coffee bar is excellent, with flavors on special like butter pecan and red velvet cake. They also specialize in chicken salad, so snack and sip away!

So if you need a "study" break, or a cool atmosphere that really inspires you to finish that ten page paper due tomorrow these spots will most definitely come through for you. What are your favorite coffee spots? Let me know on Instagram @cltchomp!