Around this time of year, school seems impossible and the idea of starting a new semester drives me insane. With all new classes, assignments, exams and paper, studying is what gets me that A+. I can usually study on campus, but my favorite places are cute little coffee shops. Here are the best Coffee Shops in NJ for studying and enjoying endless cups of joe!

The Fine Grind

The Fine Grind is the number one spot for delicious drinks, amazing treats, free wifi, and sometimes live music. You can study or write a paper while lounging on the couch near the fire place or at a high top table. This Coffee Shop is the best place to hang out and get stuff done!

Trend Coffee and Tea House 

Similar to The Fine Grind, Trend Coffee and Tea House has crazy drinks and yummy food. Trend is awesome to have study group meet ups or even late night sessions. Trend also has pretty awesome live music. Visit Trend to get the ultimate coffee house experience. 

Red Eye Cafe 

Red Eye Cafe is another small local coffee shop with everything you'll need to study. Red Eye offers coffee and more of a food menu. This little shop is the perfect place to go if you're feeling extra hungry and need energy to study. 

The Corner 

The Corner is the ULTIMATE food and coffee spot. Grab a friend and your notebook and head to The Corner to study while eating some of the best avocado toast in New Jersey. This place has such an aesthetic vibe and atmosphere. 

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. 

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co will really make you love Coffee. This coffee shop is surrounded by all little shops and restaurants that will make you want to sip your coffee and finish work. This coffee shop is serving up fresh coffee, warm teas, and yummy cookies! 

Montclair Bread Company

Even though its considered more of a Doughnut Shop then a Coffee Shop, Montclair Bread Company is both! If you want to bless your mouth with heavenly doughnuts, this place is a MUST. They have a variety of flavors, shapes, icings, and coffee. Montclair Bread pushes the limits with their delicious doughnuts. 

These are some of my personal favorite and best Coffee Shops in New Jersey. They are perfect to get your study on! Invite friends to hang with you and enjoy delicious coffee, tea, treats, and food at these perfect locations!