We students at Washington and Lee University have all been there. It's early (or late), and your eyes just cannot stay open. My favorite and proven effective fix: coffee. There are a bunch of coffee shops in Lexington where you can get your caffeine fix and your paper written. And if you have more than one paper, bounce to more than one shop. 

The Tea House

Lexi Minutillo

Located in one of the best buildings for studying on campus, The Tea House is the place to go if you're running from class to class and need a quick snack (looking at you zucchini bread). Or if you're about to park yourself in a study room with some cold brew. It's quick, it's easy, and it's perfect if you want to stay on campus. Also, the Tea House now has La Colombe Draft Lattes. If you haven't tried one yet, you're missing out.


Melinda Kauffman

Hit up this side of Foodside before or after your Mezze Feta dinner. They have great lattes, but if coffee isn't your thing, don't worry! Get a milkshake as a sweet treat for all the work you've been doing. You deserve it.

Lexington Coffee Shop (Lexco)

Madalynn Smith

Right up Washington Street is a beloved coffee shop of W&L students colloquially called Lexco. Any day of the week, you can walk into this rustic spot and see countless students typing away with their favorite type of caffeine in hand. The front room has ample natural light from large windows, while the back is the perfect hideaway from the outside world to help you focus on your term paper. Be sure to try their seasonal drinks. 

Pronto Caffe & Gelateria

Madalynn Smith

You can't talk about coffee shops in Lexington without mentioning Pronto. Its bright and refreshing vibe will help you get through all of that reading, and its espresso will make sure you don't fall asleep. Hungry? Don't worry. Pronto has a menu full of pastries and sandwiches (my favorite is the Turkey and Brie Panini.) After you finish your work, treat yourself to some gelato.

So get out there, drink some coffee and study!