Be it midterms, finals, or just an unfair amount of homework, a good coffee shop is perfect for getting yourself in the right mindset for studying. There’s something about the sound of coffee brewing and the chance of people looking at your laptop screen to see what you’re doing that makes you feel like you need to get stuff done. Thankfully, William & Mary students have a pretty awesome selection of coffee serving shops both on and off campus. Get ready to satisfy that itch to get out of the dorm and type essays in between latte sips.

Sierra Orsak

Swem Aromas

Just to the right of the library when you walk in, Swem Aromas - affectionately called 'Swemromas' - is basically a William & Mary treasure that you will definitely spend all of your Dining Dollars in. What makes it perfect for studying is the plentiful seating and the closed off study lounge. A little ways in the back, it’s complete with plush chairs, big windows, and plenty of power sockets. You still get the coffee shop feel, but now with more privacy and silence. Just be sure to get there before the end-of-class rush sweeps in.

( I humbly recommend the Williams White Mocha and - if you’re hungry - a Sticky Bun. Throw that bad boy into the free-to-use microwave for a minute. It’s a match made in heaven. )

Sierra Orsak

Element Café

A pseudo-Starbucks that always comes in clutch when you start to get that Frappuccino craving and don’t want to trek all around Williamsburg for the stand-alone store. The café itself, located in Integrated Science Center III, feels very modern, polished, and clean. Right up the staircase are some comfy seats with tables where you can overlook the chalk wall while getting some work done.

Sierra Orsak

The Daily Grind

Tucked behind Sadler and surrounded by trees, The Daily Grind has an impressive selection of both coffee and sandwiches, ranging from breakfast to grilled. There are plenty of spots to get to work in, making it hard to pick between the outdoor picnic tables to take in a beautiful day, or the indoor counter top seats. Either way, the relaxed vibe helps keep your mind right as you cram.

Sierra Orsak

Aromas Coffeehouse Bakeshop & Café

The mother of Swemromas and (basically) a Williamsburg landmark. Aromas is off campus, but is still mostly frequented by students and feels like a part of the college. With an enticing display case of treats and a comfortably busy atmosphere, time will fly as you get yourself comfortable in a chair and study with a muffin or mango smoothie at your side.

Sierra Orsak

Culture Café

Playful yet tasteful, Culture Café is a casual eatery with tons of charm. With two levels lined with unique decorations, quotes, and multicolored tiles, you'll find yourself right at home studying in their plush seats. Though it's not necessarily a coffee shop, the ambience is almost identical to one and you can certainly still enjoy a good cup of their coffee.

Sierra Orsak

Justified Bakeshop

A hidden treat, Justified Bakeshop will become one of your favorite studying hideaways the second you walk in and smell the cinnamon and brown sugar coming from whatever magic is happening in the back. With baked goods made from scratch and locally roasted and provided coffee, an inviting and friendly staff is just the icing on the cake for the cozy atmosphere Justified has.

Hopefully these recommendations have inspired you to get some work done in one of these cozy locations. Happy Caffeinating!