Since it's summer break, most students are out enjoying the sunshine and the lack of classes. Meanwhile, the rest of us are cracking open textbooks and focusing on summer classes. Whether you're on campus for the summer or coming back in the fall, you'll eventually get sick of studying in the library. Instead of working between stacks of books, check out the 5 best coffee shops at Queen's for a cozy and comfortable place to study your days away...

1. The Tea Room 

This little gem is hidden away in Beamish-Munro Hall, on the edge of campus. The cozy cafe is perfect for the best sandwiches and great tea, which you'll need to keep hitting those books! There are lots of tables and windows so you have space to work, and some light to keep you awake and studying. What's even better is their products are all eco-friendly and sustainable, and all packaging is biodegradable too.

2. Common Ground (CoGro)

If you're looking for a 'sweet' hideaway on campus, Common Ground Coffeehouse is your go to! Hidden away in the ARC up a flight of stairs, is the source of the best tasting cakes and drinks you've ever had! This getaway on campus is filled with lots of tables and space to study, and even some couches for when you need a little break. Along with awesome playlists, live music, and great food, CoGro is the place to be! Even if you don't really end up studying and just eat cake instead, we promise that we won't judge you.

3. Juniper Cafe

Juniper café is hidden away in the Tett Centre, and is worth venturing to find! Although the café is on the smaller side, it's a cozy place to cuddle up in with your textbooks. Surrounded by windows and a patio space in the warmer months, it's a quiet getaway that makes a perfect space to get your grind on.

Juniper café sits right on the Kingston waterfront, so you get a lovely view of Lake Ontario while you sip delicious coffee and chow down on treats. Even when you're not studying, it's a great place to bring a book or a friend.

4. CRAVE Coffee House

CRAVE Coffee House is one of the best cofee shops at Queen's, and we can all see why! CRAVE is a newer café around Kingston, but it sure gets all the love. This cozy and welcoming café is a great spot to sit and study, with lots of space to choose from, comforting lighting, and awesome staff.

The best part? This café is off campus, located on Princess Street, which means its totally an escape from campus life. Make sure to go a little early in the day if you want a good spot because seats fill up fast!

5. The Common Market

This is a beloved little gem in Kingston that is praised by all townies. The market even supports other local businesses by using local ingredients. They serve a variety of pastries that will come in handy when you start to get hangry, and their selection of coffees, teas and lattes will keep you wide awake to write that paper! Located on Ontario Street, The Common Market has the treats, drinks, and staff to make your studying experience a whole lot sweeter! 

Whether you're actually going to get any studying done or not, I highly recommend escaping from the library long enough to grab a cup of coffee and relax in one of Kingston's top coffee shops. Even when you're not studying, pop in and grab a drink or treat yourself to a dessert—you definitely deserve it.