The beginning of a semester (or a quarter, if you go to Northwestern University), is a time to set goals. A pretty popular goal among students is to be more productive, especially in light of the New Year's. This resolution is taken on by many hopeful Northwestern students. That being said, what better way to execute this goal by surrounding yourself in unique Evanston coffee shops? 

Evanston is home to many coffee shops. With so many to choose from, I compiled a comprehensive list of the best coffee shops in Evanston for studying, in no particular order. Productivity at its finest.

1. Other Brother Coffee Bar

To kick off this list of trendy coffee shops, we head to Sherman Avenue. With distinctly hipster vibes, Other Brother Coffee is clean and relatively quiet. It's a great atmosphere for those who struggle with the noise levels of the always-packed Sherbucks. This coffee shop's wrap-around bar seating is ideal for setting up shop and powering through a research paper. 

2. Cupitol

Just down the street from Other Brother Coffee Bar is another student favorite: Cupitol. This shop self-advertises as an all-day lounge and is great about accommodating the hard-at-work undergrad student. Cupitol's extensive menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options that will keep any student satisfied. 

3. Unicorn Cafe

As the name indicates, the Unicorn Cafe is quirky and artsy coffee shop to study in. The chalkboard of fun seasonal drinks and innovative art hanging on the walls creates a light atmosphere that will make you excited to sit down and study. 

4. Coffee Lab

North Campus residents, Coffee Lab is for you. This haven for the caffeine-addicts offers a warm layout, large windows and ample lighting. The comfortable establishment features many seating options and an extensive list of both drinks and food. Even the biggest coffee-snob will love this place. 

5. Kafein

This funky spot is quieter than most of the coffee shops on this list. Kafein's calm and hardworking environment is perfect for studying without subjecting oneself to the dreaded silence that fills the library. Additionally, you'd be hard-pressed to go hungry as Kafein boasts a full menu with everything from a pizza bagel to jambalaya. 

The coffee shops on this list are some of the best places to simultaneously get your caffeine fix and crank out work. By breaking the monotonous library and desk cycle, you'll increase your motivation to actually be productive, especially under well-lit, aesthetically-decorated conditions. The next time you need to schedule a major study session, try heading to one of these coffee shops.