As a coffee lover, I've familiarized myself with the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to espresso and coffee drinks in Eugene, Oregon. After multiple espresso shots and numerous visits to coffee shops, I've narrowed down some of the top places for a good ol' cup of joe.

1. Farmers Union Coffee Roasters

This is a go-to spot for a good quality cup of coffee along with an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Farmers Union, formerly known as Slightly, is located about 2 miles off of campus, but definitely worth the short trek or drive. At Farmers Union, they really care about the quality of their coffee and make sure that they’re sourcing from sustainable growers without lacking quality. This location features indoor and outdoor seating, along with amazing natural light and you’ll often hear background music when you first walk through the doors. Definitely be sure to check out this spot if you like quality coffee, latte art, and some yummy baked goods.

2. Tailored Coffee Roasters

This spot definitely gives some customers a unique experience when acquainting their morning coffee with some hard hitting hip-hop; but for some, that’s just Monday. Tailored is known for always playing hip-hop music while serving their exceptional espresso drinks, which makes for a fun study spot if you enjoy a good amount of background noise. The first location is just across from the 5th Street Market and they're currently doing a soft opening for their second location that's right off of 13th and Hilyard Street (just two blocks off campus). Tailored coffee embodies minimalism mixed with exceptionalism and is a must-try during your time in Eugene. 

3. Oolong Bar

This down-to-earth tea place is located on the south side of campus just off Agate and 19th Street. They don’t specialize in coffee, but have tons of caffeinated tea drinks that will definitely keep you focused on your work. Their matcha latte is one of my all time favorites, and paired with their house-made almond milk makes for a killer combo! Oolong Bar has a relaxed vibe with chill acoustic music playing and multiple barstool countertops for students to camp out and study. Again, this is a smaller location, but if you’re more of a tea person, this is the place for you.

4. Vero Espresso House

Vero gives off a cozy, home-like vibe and that’s probably because it’s located in an actual house. This spot is about a mile off campus, and serves Stumptown Coffee— so for my people from Portland, this is the place to go! Vero will often have a line on the weekends because they have an amazing breakfast menu to go along with their well-crafted espresso drinks, but it’s certainly worth the wait. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and if you’re looking to accommodate for a larger group they offer reservations for their larger rooms upstairs. Vero is a classic, well known coffee shop in Eugene and a great option for getting that caffeine-fix. 

5. Meraki Coffee and Co.

Meraki is a new coffee shop located in downtown Eugene just across the street from the 13th and Olive apartment complex. This spot opened in February of this year and has been poppin’ ever since! With its minimalistic aesthetic, killer avocado toast, and variety of espresso drinks, it’s not hard to see why. Meraki is definitely a smaller location with a popular crowd, so if you’re planning on studying with a group of friends, go early!

6. Marché Cafe

The Marché Cafe is located right on campus in the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, which makes it close and convenient. Of course they serve coffee, but this spot also features a fair amount of tables and seating, along with a variety of food from classic pastries to gourmet sandwiches. This is a nice spot for meeting a faculty member or a fellow classmate as it is so close to where most of us spend a lot of our time.

7. Perugino Coffee House

Perugino is considered Eugene’s cutest hidden coffee house in my books and probably not heard of by many college students. You can often find locals sipping on their house coffee and chatting with a friend. They serve a variety of coffee and pastries, as well as food and wine in the evenings. This coffee spot has art and colorfully woven rugs scattered across the walls of their shop making for some fun eye-candy. If you’re looking for a more secluded spot where you’re not likely to bump into a fellow classmate, Perugino is the place for you.

Not all photos are my own. Photos are credited to their respected source.