As a Toronto student, I know how hard it is to be constantly trying to save money while still wanting to treat yo’ self. Restraining yourself from spending tons on food can be difficult with the constant food temptations surrounding you downtown. But don’t worry, these eight cheap eats will have both your stomach and wallet screaming “thank you.” 

1. El Furniture Warehouse

Located in the Annex, El Furniture Warehouse has been saving lives while serving quality food all priced at $4.95. From nachos, burgers and mac n' cheese, any foodies' appetite can be satisfied here. Trust me, you’ll never want to stop dining here — not only for the food, but also for the rad atmosphere and great music as well.

2. Mi Taco Taqueria 

There are so many taco spots located downtown—all with diverse price ranges. However, no one does it like Mi Taco Taqueria with all of their tacos priced at only $3.75. Everything is homemade and fresh, and you will never have to spend more than $10 here! (Can you say cheap eats heaven?)

3. Salad King

No, they don’t only have salad! This Thai eatery caters noodles, curries, and even seafood dishes. Everything on the menu is under $10—making it the best place on Yonge St. to get a full meal. Oh yeah, and bring your ID if you’re a Ryerson student because you’ll get 20% off from 2-5 pm.

4. Banh Mi Boys

If subs, sandwiches and tacos with an Asian twist is what you're looking for, then this is the place for you. Banh Mi Boys Asian is quite the popular spot in Toronto and they get nothing but amazing reviews. Plus, their kimchi fries are everything!

5. The Stone Pizza

What’s a food list if pizza isn’t on it? The Stone Pizza is a small, cute spot serving fresh and unique slices for under $3.50. The menu might be limited, but you can customize your slice any way you’d like. 

6. Rose City Kitchen

You’ve probably noticed this snack bar while walking down Queen St West. Rose City Kitchen takes Middle Eastern flavours and modernizes them through their flatbreads, poutines and salads. With everything on the menu under $10, you can afford a side order of falafel. 

7. Patties Express

Talk about saving money! Buy a patty from Patties Express for only $1.89. You can also make it a combo by getting two patties and a drink for only $4.99. With beef, vegetarian and chicken patties, this is the perfect place to stop at when you want a quick snack. 

8. Melt Grilled Cheese 

Down for cheesy grilled sandwiches and a milkshake? Everything on Melt’s menu involves cheese, and their poutines are to die for. This is the ideal spot for any university student in the mood for junk food. They have salads, too, so you can convince your healthy friends to join you. You’re welcome.

Now you can ditch Tim Hortons and McDonald’s to try something affordable and delicious. This diverse list can meet any of the cravings you desire. Happy saving!