Don't get me wrong, I love Starbucks. There is something about that Peppermint Mocha latte in the winter time that can really get me going. Maybe it's the caffeine? But studying in the same Starbucks every day can get old. I am known to be gone for hours on end at a coffee shop, just because I love coffee that much, but also cause that's where I know I am most productive.

So when you are in need of a break from the ever famous coffee chain, try out some of the best cafes around town. 

Culture Cafe

lime, fish, chicken, salsa, tacos
Alexis Dorsey

The location, food, and decor of this spot makes it the perfect cafe for studying or just hanging out. The drinks are all served in different mugs, and the food is perfect for when you are in that midday slump. It is advertised as a restaurant of "small plates" so it isn't too filling, but it also gives you the energy to push through that last page of reading.

On top of all that, it's pretty cheap, so it can fit into anyone's budget. The Wi-Fi is an extra bonus—all you have to do is ask your waitress for the password.


coffee, chocolate, wine, gingerbread
Kathryn Eng

If you live in Williamsburg and haven't been to Aromas yet, you don't really live in Williamsburg. They have a plethora of food options ranging from apple pie to a salmon dish. On top of that, they have any drink you could think of, even if you can't stand the taste of coffee. They have Wi-Fi, but even if you just go to people watch, I guarantee you will be satisfied

Daily Grind

garlic, zucchini, bread, avocado
Claire Robertson

Right here on campus is one of the best cafes in town. You have William and Mary's Wi-Fi at your disposal and a range of food options as well. Being around people you know (which is likely because everyone on campus knows everyone) and enjoying amazing food and beverages is a perfect way to spend your day. 

William and Mary Bookstore

milk, espresso, cappuccino, coffee
Claire Robertson

The bookstore. Yes, yes, it's unoriginal. However, there are some great perks to using the bookstore as your cafe hideout. First of all, they have books all around. So when you get bored from your own homework, you can go find any book you want. Secondly, they have an array of anything you could ever need in the cafe area, even plastic dishes. Admittedly, it is a "Starbucks" cafe, but we all know they are just imposters. No offense.

Dunkin Donuts

So, it is not the exact same thing as Starbucks. If you talk to any New Englander out there, they would say it is the most amazing coffee they have ever tasted. Many may disagree. But if you just need a place to grab a quick beverage, or are trying to get away from the hectic nature of college, Dunkin Donuts is a convenient option. There's Wi-Fi, there's coffee, and there are donuts—what more can you want? Plus, America runs on Dunkin, right?

You know that mid-afternoon slump when all you want to do is sleep? Maybe instead of sleeping for the rest of the day, or heading over to the always busy Starbucks, you can try out one of these options for a more relaxed (and cheaper) option. Happy studying and enjoy that caffeine.