For those of you who don’t know, “Cacio e Pepe” (translation: Cheese and Pepper) is a famous pasta dish from Rome, Italy made traditionally with only parmesan and pecorino cheeses and black pepper. This dish is perfectly simple in theory, yet allows the subtleties of the different flavors from the cheese to shine through.  And to all the vegetarians out there, this is the meal for you!

Some places make it cheesier, dryer, or more peppery but whatever your taste buds are craving, we've rounded up the perfect spots to go and enjoy a perfect bowl of Cacio e Pepe all over New York City. 

Sola Pasta Bar

Location: Soho

A pasta bar at the heart of Soho with a creative setting where you can sit at the bar and watch an authentic Italian chef cook pasta for you. The Cacio e Pepe here is so creamy that the pasta is swimming in the sauce. You dive right into it that once you finish the pasta, you want to get some bread and wipe the extra creamy cheese. 

Fiaschetteria Pistoia

Location: East Village

This place can’t get more Italian, from the service to the ambiance, and of course the food. As soon as you go in, you feel like you are in a restaurant in the middle of Italy. The Cacio e Pepe here is handrolled in house, and you can just imagine the perfectly al dente texture with every bite. This place is your best bet to escape the typical New York "Italian" vibe and enjoy a true Italian experience.

#SpoonFact: Their main restaurant is in Pistoia in Italy

Café Altro Paradiso

Location: Soho

Thinking of this restaurant makes my mouth water. The best thing to do here is order a couple of pastas and share them with your friends — but make sure you order two Cacio e Pepe’s because once you have a bite, you won’t stop. Make sure you come here hungrier than ever, and you'll soon understand why.

I Sodi

Location: West Village

It may take weeks to find a reservation at this restaurant, but it is sure worth the wait. A hidden Italian gem in the West Village you could easily pass without a second thought, after eating here you'll think about it every day, guaranteed — especially the cacio e pepe, which may be the closest thing to magic you'll taste for months (years?)


Location: Gramercy

The Cacio e Pepe here is special.  The cheese is so strong (in a good way) and flavorful that it might knock you out, and the tonnarelli pasta is cooked to perfection.

#SpoonTip: Get the small portion, because the large portion is a bit too big and filling — and you'll save your money. 


Location: Flatiron

If you want something quick and casual, there is always Eataly’s La Pasta & Pizza restaurant with a selection of different pastas and pizzas. The Cacio e Pepe here is made with imported, bronze-extruded (read: the right way) pasta from the region of Campania, and gets the cheese-to-pasta ratio just about perfect.

Via Carota

Location: West Village

A cute Italian spot tucked in the West Village with a Cacio e Pepe dish that will blow your mind. You can taste the simplicity of this pasta here because it is not greasy or extra cheesy. You can't make a reservation, so be prepared to wait a little bit, but keep the cacio e pepe in mind and it will all be worth it in the end. 

Sant Ambroeus 

Location: West Village, Soho, UES

Changing it up with some linguine, the Cacio e Pepe at Sant Ambroeus will always leave you with a smile on your face. Although this version is a but drier than normal, it is delicious because it leaves you feeling (relatively) light and satisfied.

#SpoonTip: Go to the Soho location on a sunny day, sit outside and have your Cacio e Pepe al fresco.

Left Bank

Location: West Village

The cacio e pepe here is made with capricci — a type of pasta whose name means "whimsical" in Italian. While this may not be the traditional choice for the dish, it certainly adds some extra panache. On top of that, the addition of butter adds and extra layer of richness to the classic style, making this the ultimate bowl of comfort food.

After trying all these places and then trying to remake this simple pasta of cheese and pepper at home — I can tell you that it is still not as good as the places above. It's a very hard dish to perfect, so check out all these restaurants and you will understand the perfection that is cacio e pepe.