Sometimes finding places to go can be annoying. But that's okay because that's where I come in and sweep you both off your feet! If this is the first date, your first location should definitely be a delicious and cute cafe. Coincidentally, Prince Tea House seems to fit both categories! With many locations spread around New York, it makes the commute that much easier. But my personal favorite would be its cafe spot in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.


Located on 85th street and 21st Ave in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, this cafe offers aesthetics no other cafe does. With window panel roofing on one end and the conventional roofing on the other, it is designed to satisfy the adventurous and the settlers. Did I mention that it also has a wall dedicated to floral decors? It's almost like you're having tea in a Victorian gazebo. Even the cutlery and dishes seem to be remnants of the beautiful history behind the Western Culture. There's a saying that goes "a shop's atmosphere creates its culture" and that can't fit any better at Prince Tea House. There is always light music playing in the background with the volume mellow enough to hold conversations, but not too soft that makes the place seem gloomy and melancholic. This factor is one of the reasons why I personally favor Prince Tea House in terms of a first date.


Their menu offers delicacies of many sorts, ranging from light to average meals. They offer mouth-watering finger foods such as buffalo wings, sweet potato fries, twister fries, and salted crispy chicken. They also have different sandwiches and salads for the healthy goers. But if there's one signature icon this tea house is known for, it's definitely their desserts. From crepes to parfaits, they cover most desserts that are not commonly sold under one store. They also throw in a mixture of an Eastern touch to their desserts with flavors like matcha and red bean. If you aren't feeling it, then their second to last option in their dessert menu will definitely hit the spot. A choose it yourself waffle. The whole idea is this: you get to pick one topping, one dressing and as many additionals you'd like, with delicious syrup of your choice as finishing touch.  Now how can something so dreamlike and delicious like that, ever go wrong?


There is a saying that no meal is ever complete without a drink, or "Bev" as many New Yorker's would like to call it. Prince Tea House offers a multitude of drinks such as conventional tea and coffee, but they also serve creative tea drinks specifically crafted by them. Here are a few examples: Potted Foam Caramel Milk Green Tea, Potted Foam Milk Mango Tea, Lavender Green Milk Tea, etc.

You and your bae thirsty yet?

But if you are planning to go there, be prepared to wait for a little bit. Because of its unique output, many people flock to their tea house, often in groups. But luckily, their hours are very generous. Take a look at it!

Sunday 12PM–12AM

Monday 12PM–12AM

Tuesday 12PM–12AM

Wednesday 12PM–12AM

Thursday 12PM–12AM

Friday 12PM–1AM

Saturday 12PM–1AM