Whether it's a Tuesday night and you're just leaving the library at midnight, or it's Saturday at 2 am after a night out with your friends, late-night food cravings are all too real for college students. All college students know the struggle when there's just not enough places open after 10 pm, so here's a list of the best 24-hour food options near Boise State to satisfy all your midnight snack needs. 

1. Los Betos

cheese, salad
Sam Smith

Anyone who says you can't find good Mexican food in Idaho has obviously never been to Los Betos. It's Boise's hidden gem of food chains, and every location is open 24 hours so you can get those delicious Carne Asada fries whenever your heart desires.  


Ah, classic. A staple for late-night food in any town, IHOP always has the means to clench your hunger needs. They offer breakfast or dinner at any time all right down the road from campus. 

3. Pie Hole 

Okay so it's only open until 3 am, but walking into Pie Hole after a Friday night out in Boise is a right of passage as a BSU student. Like, do you really go to Boise State if you haven't made your way there at 2 am and ordered a a slice of Potato Bacon pizza? 

4. Merritt's 

pizza, beer
Hannah Williamson

Unassuming on the outside, Merritt's has been a local favorite for years. Whether you're craving their infamous scones or those awesome breakfast bowls, they're open all night long Thursday-Saturday nights. It's worth the trip even though it's a little farther from campus.  

5. Dutch Bros

So it's not 24 hours and it's not really food, but every Dutch Bros in Boise is open from 5 am to 11 pm every day--and it's incredible.  It's the perfect treat to bring with you to the library for a late night study sesh, and they never judge you for just needing that medium espresso shake at 10:30 at night.

Being able to get food at all hours of the night is obviously very important to most college students, and Spoon Boise State fully agrees. The Boise area has some awesome options around campus, and we hope that this list will make choosing a late-night food run location a little easier.