Chicago, the Windy City, is known for deep dish pizza and loaded hot dogs. But, there is also other amazing food that not many people know about. Here's a list of some of the best Chicago food starting at A and ending at Z, and yes, deep dish is on here more than once and I'm not sorry about it. 

A: Andy's Frozen Custard

For a sweet treat, Andy's Frozen Custard is a must. It's almost ice cream (custard is made differently), and at Andy's you can create all of your own combinations. Whether you want vanilla or chocolate, whatever toppings you want mixed in let you have the sweet treat that you've only been dreaming of. Catch yourself eating this all summer long. 

B: Bombobar

You've probably seen these treats all over Instagram. Bombobar is a outdoor counter to go up and order your dessert and enjoy the views of the city. Each treat comes with the little donuts and the base is amazing. They are most known for their frozen hot chocolate — check it out!

C: Cheesies

Mac 'n cheese in grilled cheese? French fries in grilled cheese? Chicken nuggets in grilled cheese? It sounds too good to be true, but at Cheesie's you can get it all and more. More notably a late-night eats spot, this is definitely a place you want to put on your food bucket list. We all have one. 

D: Donut Vault

Chicago has some pretty amazing donuts, but Donut Vault reigns supreme. The line outside the door begins before 6 in the morning, just showing how dedicated Chicagoans are to these treats. Another example of how great they are: If you stop by in the afternoon, chances are there won't be any donuts left for the day. 

E: Eli's Cheesecake

Eli's is a Chicago staple. If you are a cheesecake lover, it would be worth it to come to Chicago just to eat this classic. Around for almost 40 years, the company offers the original flavors, samplers, and other amazing desserts that you just have to try. 

F: French Fries from Wiener's Circle

Cheese fries are always good. You can't deny that. But the cheese fries from Weiner Circle may be the best. Get them on the side of a classic Chicago hot dog and you are eating like a true local—trust any Chicagoan. And they aren't just mean to you, its the atmosphere of the restaurant; its what they are known for. Treat it like a comedy show and enjoy some of the best that the city has to offer. 

G: Garrett's Popcorn

Chicago has a special blend of popcorn: caramel and cheese. So, it doesn't sound like it goes great together, but its really really good. Garrett's makes it the best. If you walk by the shop, the line will most likely be around the corner as locals and tourists alike come to enjoy the sweet and savory mix. 

H: Hot Dog from Superdawg

Another hot dog place, like deep dish, I don't regret mentioning this food more than once. Superdawg is like one of those drive-ins that you see in old movies. The hot dogs are amazing and you definitely get a taste of what the true Chicago dog includes: an all-beef hot dog on a poppyseed bun with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers, and some celery salt. So worth having on this list. 

I: Italian Beef Sandwich

Italian beef is one of the best eats out here. Each person has their favorite, my family and mine being Al's. I can remember going through the drive-thru and ordering my sandwich "dipped," meaning it's a little soggy, but has amazing flavor. Italian beef sandwich shops are everywhere and honestly so so good. Make it a must the next time you go to Chicago. 

J: Jibarito

A sandwich in between two pieces of grilled plantains.... umm, yes! Jibaritos are a Chicago food classic. The sandwich includes meat and vegetables, and without the bread, no carbs, which makes it a healthier indulgence. Originating in Chicago, this is one to put on a food bucket list. 

K: Kuma's Korner

Kuma's Corner has some of Chicago's best burgers by far. I mean, just look at that egg yolk! It is one of the hot-spot burger joints in the city with good bites, drinks and live music. Honestly, I still can't get over the egg yolk in this picture. Go check this spot out, it's so worth it.

L: Lou Malnati's

OK, here it is—the first deep-dish pizza place on the list. You can ask everyone their favorite place, but most will say that it's Lou's. Where else can you get the cheesy, saucy, crunchy goodness that is a slice of deep-dish pizza like this?  If you haven't had deep-dish yet or are looking for a new recommendation: HERE IT IS!!!

M: Manny's Cafeteria and Delicatessen

Manny's is everything you want in a deli. Around since 1942, you walk in and immediately feel the nostalgia that comes in when you enter a classic deli. They are known for their Reuben sandwiches and, even cooler, they have a breakfast Reuben that is definitely worth trying. Clearly a staple Chicago food.

N: Nachos from Wrigley Field

First, if you haven't been to Wrigley Field, go to Wrigley for a Cubs game or a concert. When you find yourself there, try the nachos. Not only are the nachos delicious, but they come served in a souvenir baseball hat bowl. So even if the Cubs aren't having a great season, you can still show team spirit while eating good food.

O: Original Rainbow Cone

Ice cream... because ice cream. The Original Rainbow Cone is different; it is layered with five different flavors. Chocolate on the bottom, followed by strawberry, followed by Palmer House (which is a vanilla with cherries and walnuts), with pistachio next, and, to top it off, orange sherbet. The burst of flavor is what makes the ice cream so iconic, and why it is the original and best rainbow cone out there. 

P: Portillos

Just another one of the most amazing hot dog places in Chicago, Portillo's has the classic Chicago dog. But, they are most known for their chocolate cake. I know, it sounds weird. A hot dog place having really good chocolate cake, but sometimes you just have to trust people. Even better, you can get the cake blended into a milkshake. 

Q: Quantity of Food at FoodLife

If you haven't been to FoodLife, you are missing out. There are endless choices like a stir fry bar, Chinese, Italian, barbecue, sushi, tacos, dessert ,and so many more options. This is the ultimate restaurant to try if you are as indecisive as I am. 

R: RPM Italian

Thank you to Giuliana and Bill Rancic for bringing such amazing Italian food to the city of Chicago. Here is some of the best higher-end Italian food around. It's so good, in fact, that you are likely to spot celebrities here. If Italian is not really your thing, try out the sister restaurant RPM steak. 

S: Steak from Gibson's

Another classic, Gibson's has been serving up steak in the city since 1989 and is a spot for locals and tourists. The restaurant has the classic steakhouse feel with great food and a fun atmosphere. Totally worth the visit! 

T: Tapas from Topolobampo

Who doesn't love tapas? They're so cute and little, but pack a ton of flavor. Rick Bayless is the king of Mexican restaurants in and around the city of Chicago. All of the food is locally sourced and the restaurant is award winning, so why wouldn't you want to eat here?

U: Uno's Pizza

Another pizzeria because what would Chicago be without its pizza? It's another deep-dish hotspot and well-known among locals and tourists for its great slices. As if I can't emphasize this enough, come to Chicago if only to eat the deep-dish pizza. 

V: Vienna Beef 

If your Chicago dog isn't made with a Vienna Beef wiener, then it's not a true Chicago dog. As mentioned earlier, the Chicago dog is unlike any other hot dog you may have eaten. Chances are if you are not from Chicago or the midwest area, you have not heard of Vienna Beef and have not had a true Chicago dog. Go to the Windy City to experience the true deliciousness that is this hot dog. 

W: Walker Bros Pancake House

Nothing is better for breakfast than Walker Brothers Pancake House. Not only do they bake their omelettes to get them fluffy, and have the cheesiest hash browns, but the pancakes are everything, especially the apple pancake.

Plan ahead and know that you're gonna have to wait a bit to indulge in this sweet breakfast treat, as it's always made to order. It's basically a warm apple pie made into a pancake. What could be better? It's so famous that you can take home frozen versions so that you can always have it, even if you can't make it out for breakfast. 

X: Xoco Churros

Because Rick Bayless is just iconic, here is another one of his amazing creations. Churros are honestly so good and Xoco is one of the only places to get the treat authentically outside of the Pilsen neighborhood or Mexico. Have them served up with some Mexican hot chocolate, and you are in for a treat!

Y: Sticky tasty crunchy toffee YUMMY

cake at Girl and the Goat

What's more yummy than a cake with yummy in the name? Girl and the Goat is one of the city's best restaurants and it's clear why. I mean, just look at that cake. Go for brunch and enjoy this sweet treat, one of the best in Chicago. 

Z: 'Zaaaaa

I told you deep-dish was going to be on this list more than once. Try Giordano's, too. No further explanation is necessary, other than Chicago pizza is the best pizza. Go and try it today.