With your daily cup of joe, sometimes you just need something sweet. Whether you want to pair your cappuccino with a basic chocolate brownie, your latte with a toffee caramel one or a macchiato with a side of walnut brownies, this list is your dream come true. Next time you're in the mood for a sugary treat to wash that coffee down, this list of the best brownies in NYC should come in handy. 

1. Fat Witch Bakery 

Fat Witch Bakery is located in NYC's infamous Chelsea Market.  This bakery has a wide selection of brownies with unique names such as Caramel Witch, Blonde Witch, Java Witch and more. The crispy crust, gooey centre and impeccable flavors make them all the best brownies in NYC.

2. Amy's Bread

For all the chocolate lovers out there: this simple brownie—available both with and without nuts—from Amy's Breads is a dream come true. The richness of the chocolate and the well-baked pastry make it one of the best brownies in NYC. 

3. Glaser's Bake Shop

Glaser's Bake Shop is a literal #tbt because of its 50's vibe, but with a contemporary twist. It has a large array of modern brownies, such as seasonal pumpkin spice brownies and chocolate chunk brownies. 

4. Bible and Sip

Artisanal coffee, cream puffs, and fruity muffins aren't all Bible and Sip is known for. Its classic, ooey-gooey chocolate walnut and chocolate brown butter brownies are both a must-do.

5. Baked 

Baked NYC is not only Oprah-approved, but its brownies have also won a few awards. But the best part? You can even get the sweet + salty one gluten free. Sounds great or what? 

6. Mah-Ze-Dahr

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery is literally Mazedar which, in Urdu, describes the taste essence of food—the flavor and magic that all come together to make it delicious. Thus, the bakery is one of its kind because of its delectable cakes, smooth ice-cream and, of course, creative brownies. 

7. Schmackary's

Schmackary's is more than just its cookies—though they are insanely wonderful. This is where its brownies come in: buttermilk, salted caramel, peanut butter, cookies and cream—they have it all. 

8. Candle 79

A Mexican chocolate brownie with chipotle-chocolate sauce, marshmallows, and peanut butter-banana ice cream at Candle 79 sounds like a treat. Can it get any better? Yes: since it's vegan it's a little healthier—or so I like to believe. 

9. Balthazar Bakery

Balthazar Bakery has been open since 1997 and serves one of the best brownies in NYC. Though the options are limited, the walnut brownie is both crunchy and munchy with just the right amount of sweet. 

So, next time you want to Treat-Yo-Self to a sweet and satisfying goody, try one of these, as they are the best brownies in NYC. I promise, you won't be disappointed—you'll only be longing for more.