You may be thinking that because nachos originated in Mexico, there's no way you can get quality nachos in Boston. Well, you're wrong. While nachos are on many menus across the country and are a decently easy thing to make, it's hard to find some that stand out from the others. But if you're in the northeast and you get a nacho craving, you have to hit up one of these places for the best nachos in Boston. 

1. Sunset Cantina

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Phoebe Melnick

Are you even a college student in Boston if you've never had the nachos at Sunset? These nachos are everything you could ever want in a plate of nachos and more- a literal mountain of tortilla chips with multiple toppings options. They're so dedicated to their nachos that they have 3 sizes, multiple meat options, and about ten other toppings besides cheese. It's the real deal. 

2. The Fours

The king and queen of all appetizers- buffalo wings and nachos- come together in this amazing dish. At The Fours, right across from the Garden, you can get buffalo chicken nachos. A literal dream come true. Next time you're heading to a game and you're looking to have some pregame fun, you won't regret stopping by The Fours for these bad boys. 

3. Anchovies

Why limit nachos to just one culinary experience? At Anchovies in the South End you can get Italian Nachos, made with ricotta cheese, braised short rib ragu, and cherry pepper. If you're in the mood for nachos but want to try something new, this appetizer is the perfect thing for you. 

4. Granary Tavern

If there's one thing I'm especially passionate about, it's pulled pork nachos. At Granary Tavern you can get some of the best pulled pork nachos out there. They use homemade potato chips, avocado aioli, and onions to top these nachos, along with barbecue pulled pork. Seriously, mouthwatering. 

5. The Painted Burro

You can't go wrong with nachos at a tequila bar, and The Painted Burro in Somerville surely does not disappoint. Their nachos are everything you could want- big enough to share and get your fill, three kinds of cheese, guac, pork charro beans, chipotle mayo, jalapeños, and more. What else does anyone need? 

6. Felipe's Taqueria

If you find yourself in Harvard Square with a nacho craving, you HAVE to go to Felipe's. While everything on their menu is fabulous, their nachos are somethin' else. They're your typical Mexican restaurant nacho, but they taste beyond typical. Plus, they have seating on their roof, so if you go in one of the few months eating outside in Boston is pleasant, you can enjoy this dish in some great weather. What could be better? 

7. The Pour House

I always assumed every bar had pretty similar nachos: dependable, delicious with a few drinks, but never qualifying as the best you've ever had. Topped with all of the essentials, The Pour House has the best bar nachos in Boston. They also have Mexican Madness night every Thursday, so you can enjoy your heap of chips, chili, cheese, olives, etc. in the right atmosphere.

Alas, you don't have to go south of the border to get yourself some damn good nachos. Go to one of these establishments for some of the best nachos in Boston. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.