"Broke college student" is not a made-up term, I swear. It is a literal definition and everyone who believes otherwise is full of sh*t. Going out to bars during the week (especially in Columbia) has become a constant chore, not only because of all of the effort that goes into making yourself look decently presentable, but because you have to scrounge for money.

While your friends text you and ask about which bar you should all hit up that night, you frantically search your apartment high-and-low, in-and-out, for any kind of change, even if it is just a coin or two.

Now, you've rummaged and dug through all kinds of crap and finally found a dollar bill in the bottom of your laundry hamper.

Hell yes. Cue happy dance. Let. It. Rain.

Don't say you're not shaking your booty or jumping for joy because you've found your salvation for the evening. You're 100% lying if you say you've never done a happy dance after finding that loose change underneath your bed. It's not just a measly, single dollar bill to you—it's the freaking lottery. You've officially hit the jackpot.

From classic chill bars to wild party bars, Columbia's nightlife has it all. You better believe they've got deals left and right, and you sure as hell are going to spend that dollar on the best (and cheapest) boozy drinks you can get with it. So relax, I've got you covered. Here are some of the best bars in downtown Columbia (in no particular order) and the deals they have to offer every night of the week.

1. Campus Bar & Grill

beer, pizza, coffee, tea
Alyssa Michaels

Campus Bar & Grill, aka Big 12 or Big Tweeze, is your typical college town party bar. Whether there's a Blues vs Blackhawks game on or you and your friends are just looking for a good time, this is the place to go.

It's always poppin' and is a classic go-to for your Sunday Fun-days because of their $1 burger and fries special. It is one of my personal favorite past times in CoMo that not only offers an indoor bar and seating area, but a rooftop patio you can enjoy some brewskis on when the weather gets nice.


$1 bottles

$1 shots


2 for 1 aka 2 drinks for the price of 1


$1.75 Domestic bottles

$2 Domestic drafts

$2.50 Microbrews

Hellloooooo hump day.

Thursday (Ladies' night)

No cover (if you've got the goods)

$0.75 triple wells (9 pm-close)

$2 Blue Moon drafts


$2 Long Islands, bombs, any draft


$3 Domestic pitchers (10 pm - 12 am)

$3 Wells

Sunday (fun-day)

$5 domestic pitchers

$5 any vodka

Anndd let's not forget, $1 burgers and fries.

2. Harpos

Alyssa Michaels

Located in the heart of downtown, Harpo's, not only known for its Trivia Tuesdays or foghorn dip, is the best host for that infamous 21st where the birthday girl has one too many shots. It's big, with two indoor full-size bars and a rooftop bar, and is definitely the place you want to go to hang out with a big crowd.

And right below it, located in the basement, is 10 below, home of strobe lights, endless bottle service and dirty, table-top dancing. If you're looking for a great night to never remember, Harpo's is your place to go.

Tuesday (aka $2 Tuesday)

Anything and everything $2


$0.25 draws

Thursday ($3 Thursday)

$3 Anythings

Friday (Ladies' night)

You heard it right. No cover for all my lady friends.

Fridays after class $6 pitchers + free burgers and hotdogs. Come one, come all.

3. Field House

Alyssa Michaels

Not classy (but not too trashy), Field House has some pretty decent deals and is THE place to go on Wednesday nights. There are two levels—an upstairs that's more chill, and a main level that has a notorious turnt dance floor, if you're like me and enjoy a night getting down.


$5 cover

Penny pitchers (10 pm - 12 am)


Ayooooo no cover

$8 bottomless (8 pm - 12 am)

4. The Penguin Piano Bar

pizza, beer, coffee
Alyssa Michaels

My personal favorite, Piano Bar, offers you live music and a grand ol' time. The bar has two live, energetic pianists and singers, with both upstairs and downstairs bars and seating areas. If you like to sing along to oldies at the top of your lungs and dance your butt off with some good pals, I suggest you check it out. I promise, you won't be sorry.

Wednesday (unplugged)

No cover (everyone)

$1 domestic drafts

Thursday (my personal favorite)

$10 bottomless cup (til midnight)

Pay $5 at the door, then get your ass to the bar and pay another $5 for your cup. Awwww yeah.

$2 shot of the night

$2 domestic bottles

Friday (Ladies' night)

No cover for any and all biznitches.

5. Roxy's

coffee, tea, cake, beer
Alyssa Michaels

Roxy's is one of the other few bars where letting loose and swingin' your hips is extremely acceptable. Basically, if you don't like to dance, gtfo. It might be a little smaller, but it gets the job done right.

There is always a Vegas-type DJ spinning your favorite tunes, while colorful lights are bouncin' all around the dance floor. It's definitely the place to go if you don't mind a large crowd and are trying to get your groove on.


No cover for all my gal pals OR guys. HELL YES!

Cravin' Champagne? G'bless it's only $10

$4 Bombs

$3 Tall Boys

$2 Double Wells


$5 cover with free access to The Penguin Piano Bar

$5 bottomless cup (til midnight)

Friday (Ladies' night)

$5 Electric Lemonade

$4 Bombs

$3 Tall Boys

6. Willie's Pub & Pool

tea, beer, coffee
Alyssa Michaels

Willie's Pub & Pool. Your classic local bar with that typical bar feel, I promise you will fall just as much in love with this hidden gem as I did. It's a great place to go to relax and have a drink with a friend or two; and if you're feeling like hanging out a bit longer, head to the back of the bar where there are endless amounts of pool tables and bar games to choose from.

Oh, and let's not forget about the $2.50 Fireball shots you can buy whenever you want, any day of the week. 

(All deals 9pm - close)


$2.50 local drafts

$4.50 local Vodka, Bourbon, and moonshine doubles


Any domestic bottle for only $2

$2 Grape, Watermelon, & Cherry Bombs


$2.50 Domestic bottles

$3 Double wells holllllaa

Thursday (thirst-day)

$3 drafts


$2.50 Domestic bottles

$3 Double wells

7. Shiloh Bar & Grill

Alyssa Michaels

Shiloh is a past-time favorite for all Columbia residents. It offers a great indoor ambiance and even a relaxing seating area outdoors when it's nice out. And what about Shiloh's famous Taco Tuesday? Not only are there great drink specials, but also $1 tacos until 10 pm. It's definitely the place for you if you want to kick back and relax with your homies for a chill night out on the town.


$2 Domestic Drafts

$3 Blue Moon/Boulevard Wheat Drafts

Both deals 7pm to close.

(Taco) Tuesday..cause tacos are only $1

$2 Coronas (until 10 pm)

$10 Margarita pitchers (until 10 pm)

$2 Tequila shots

$3 Long Islands (7 pm - close)

$5 Domestic pitchers


$2 Domestic bottles (7 pm - close)

$1 Soco Lime & Fireball shots


$2 Domestic drafts

$3 Import drafts

$4 Double wells

All deals 7 pm - close


$2 Domestic bottles

$4 Long Islands

All deals 9 pm - close


$4 Triple wells

$6 Domestic pitchers

All deals 7 pm - close

$10 Bottomless mimosas (11 am - 2 pm)


$6 Domestic pitchers

$4 Margaritas

$4 Bloody Marys

All deals, all day.

So, for all of my homies riding the struggle bus with me... save this, use it, share it with your pals. And please, don't say I never gave you anything nice.