If you’re like most students, you need coffee to survive. The Bryan-College Station area has a wide variety of coffee shops. We've looked at every coffee shop around and picked the best brew, food, and study spaces just for y'all. Whether you want a delicious latte, a really good place to study, or a unique place that's cooler than Starbucks, I've got you covered.

1541 Pastries & Coffee

chocolate, coffee, tea
Katy Hickl

Feeling artsy and have a craving for something sweet? Go to 1541 Pastries & Coffee. You can get any design you want drawn onto a latte while eating a cookie or digging into their tiramisu. Although it might not be the best place to study, it’s definitely worth going for the coffee and desserts.

First Watch

coffee, beer, espresso, stout, tea
Katy Hickl

New to the Bryan-College Station area, First Watch is quickly becoming everyone's new favorite restaurant. They are known for their delicious burgers and waffles, but their coffee is just as great.

#SpoonTip: It closes at 2:30pm every day, so make sure you go early.

Harvest Coffee Bar

beer, wine, water, coffee
Katy Hickl

Located in Downtown Bryan, Harvest is known for its relaxed vibes and great coffee. It has amazing cortados and lots of healthy eating options. If you are looking to embrace your inner hipster and want a place to get away, I would definitely recommend going here.

Lupa's Coffee

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha
Katy Hickl

If you’re looking for an awesome place to study and killer good coffee, Lupa’s is the place to go. Lupa's has three rooms with plenty of tables and a blackboard to study on. It’s the perfect spot for college students to cram before an exam.

Minuti Coffee

cream, chocolate
Katy Hickl

Originating in Houston, Minuti Coffee is still new to College Station, but they're quickly becoming known for their amazing iced coffee. They make great Italian blends, and you can also buy their roast by the bag. With its location right off campus, and the sleek, casual, and comfortable ambiance, it's a go-to coffee shop for students without having to drive too far.

The Village Downtown Cafe

rose, chocolate, tea, cake
Katy Hickl

Situated in Downtown Bryan, Village Cafe has arguably the best coffee in town as well as great brunch food. Their motto "Localize" is something they take to heart here. Everything in The Village is locally sourced—the beer, the bread, and even the coffee. Though some people study here, it’s really the ideal place for delicious coffee and hanging with friends on any given Sunday.

Sweet Eugene’s House of Java

chocolate, milk, cream, strawberry, ice
Katy Hickl

If you’re looking for a unique place to study until 2am or want to catch up with a friend, Sweet Eugene’s is the place to go. There are comfy couches, funny t-shirts, cool artwork, and delicious donuts, crepes, cheesecake, cookies—you get the idea. They rock at brewing coffee and baking your favorite treats. It’s definitely the funkiest coffee shop in College Station with a very Central Perk-y vibe, making it my personal favorite place to get away.

#SpoonTip: They have different hours during finals week, and they'll be busy, so be sure to look them up and plan ahead!