Union Market, located in Washington DC, is by far the most unique market I've ever been to because of its wide variety of products. This isn't your typical Sunday, fresh produce farmers market. To me, it's so much better.

The sense of community in this hip and happening market is irreplaceable, and the food definitely speaks for itself. Below, you'll find a few of my unique finds from my most recent trip to the market.

Bazaar Spice

tea, coffee, beer
Sydney Brown

Bazaar spices hits you with a foreign aroma as soon as you enter the section. All of the spices are packed and ready to go—there are even some you've probably never even heard of.

As seen in the photograph, some spices like lavender and oregano seem pretty ordinary. But, they also have spices like fresh Madagascar vanilla beans, Afghan saffron, carob pods, black garlic powder, and dried limes. Any of these fun spices will bring a brand new essence to your home.


Sydney Brown

Takorean is, if the title doesn't give it away, a Korean taco shop. The customer is free to build a taco, bowl, or salad by themselves, and put any of the given toppings in them. Proteins for the tacos include pork, steak, chicken, tofu, and even cauliflower. Feel free to top them with a slaw, sauce, and toasted sesame seeds for extra flavor. These are a real win. 


Sydney Brown

And now, we've made it to Teaism, one of the more calming stands. The picture above shows Hungarian tea cake with raspberry jam, one of the most delicious desserts I had ever tasted (but be careful, there will be consequences if more than one piece is eaten).

Teaism includes Asian-influenced tea selections, as well as baked goods. This collection will most definitely ease your nerves and warm your soul. 

The BBQ Joint

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Sydney Brown

Our next stop is the BBQ Joint, and let me tell you, it's about time. This little shop is a pit stop into southern comfort, and if you're a barbecue fan, it's pure perfection for you. Chicken wings, onion rings, pulled pork, and spice rubs are all fair game around here. Take it to go, or eat it right in the market. Either way, you'll feel southern at heart.

Cucina Al Volo

Sydney Brown

Good news... this stand is basically a quick trip to Italy. These homemade pastas and Italian dishes will blow your mind. As a good chef always says—simple is best. House-made burrata ravioli, fettuccine, and fusilli are all crafted with local ingredients and assembled with love. The tuscan influenced chef, Matteo, never fails to impress. 

Salt and Sundry

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Sydney Brown

And finally, the last stop on the list of must-see vendors at Union Market. Salt and Sundry is the perfect ending to a perfect adventure. Cookbooks, recipe boxes, kitchen ware, and candles galore ensure you end on nothing but a happy note. The wax candles are hand poured with exotic scents, the ceramic bowls are hand-crafted, the recipe boxes are vintage, and the books are all useful.