We have gotten to the point in society where just about anything and everything has a vegan alternative to offer. Yes, even in good ol' beef country, Nebraska. The best part? You can still go out with the squad and not have to worry about sipping on water all night ordering a plate of lettuce. No offense to all my plates of lettuce!

Mellow Mushroom

Who ever created the vegan pizza was really looking out for us. Nothing worse than going to a pizza place and ordering a salad while you watch the cheese pulling extravaganza as it departs your friend's mouth. So thank you Mellow Mushroom, for giving us vegan pizza options. You have made a community of Lincoln vegans very happy!


I don't know who Maggie is, but I do know that she has done a fantastic job with making plants taste amazing! She says it best herself, "Eat well. Live well. Be well." A must try, even for the not so vegan peeps. Rumor has it, it has "The Best Sandwich in Nebraska."

Grateful Green's

We should be very grateful that Grateful Greens exists! From sandwiches to salads and from coffee to smoothies, their menu has got you covered. It is a fresh and refreshing change to your everyday, eating out diet. It should be called "Vegan's Paradise", but like I said, we are very Grateful either way!

Pepe's Bistro

Pepe shares a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthier food! What isn't to love already? Besides using fresh, local, organic ingredients, Pepe is the founder of the Lincoln Bike Kitchen. We really like you, Pepe. Ride on over and stop in for a bite of what this local business is serving up.

Grateful Bread

This place is down right funky!! Like, 1960's funky. If you are looking online for the menu, you wont find one. Grateful Breads is a vegan specialty cafe that posts their menu daily. The menu rotates, but the one thing you can always count on is their soups and macaroni. Besides always having something vegan to snack on, you will always walk out with a smile on your face. 


When in doubt, Chipotle. The bond between a vegan and Chipotle is so strong. It has gotten even stronger ever since they decided to generously give guac to our meatless friends. Rice, beans, fajitas, pico, guac, salsa, corn, and lettuce. Mic drop.