When planning a trip to Montreal, you might imagine yourself eating nothing but plates of pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast, supplemented by piles of poutine for every other meal (possibly while wearing a fur-trapper hat). But believe it or not, Canada has a lot more to offer than just the stereotypical – check out these top 50 food spots if you need proof.

Morning Eats

1. Fairmount Bagel


Photo courtesy of Fairmount Bagel on Facebook

Try a famous Montreal Bagel at one of the city’s most authentic spots. You can’t go wrong with a classic sesame-and-cream-cheese combo, but if you’re feeling adventurous, check out flavors like New York pretzel or matzoh.

2. Olive et Gourmando


Photo courtesy of Olive et Gourmando on Facebook

Don’t let the small menu fool you – this café’s breakfast menu and cozy atmosphere make the trip to the Old Port well worth it.

3. Aux Vivres


Photo courtesy of Aux Vivres on Facebook

Herbivores rejoice – Montreal’s first vegan restaurant has a completely plant-based brunch that won’t have you missing any meat.

4. Eggspectation


Photo courtesy of Eggspectation on Facebook

If their egg-topped burger isn’t enough to get you out of bed and to the brunch table, nothing is.

5. La Fabrique Bistrot


Photo courtesy of La Fabrique Bistrot on Facebook

If you want an upscale brunch experience, this is your place. Tartare for breakfast? Faaaaancy.

6. Bar Brutus


Photo courtesy of Bar Brutus on Facebook

Bacon, bacon, everywhere… even on your cocktail. #blessed

7. Fabergé


Photo courtesy of Fabergé on Facebook

If you’re tired of breakfast meats, check out Fabergé for a delicious, waffle-and-crepe-filled change of pace.

8. Allô! Mon Coco


Photo courtesy of Allô! Mon Coco on Facebook

All the variety of a continental breakfast, without the boring (this place may be the only restaurant ever with an exciting version of the classic fruit cup).

9. Beautys


Photo courtesy of Beautys

Feeling nostalgic? Check out Beautys to bring back that classic diner vibe.

10. Griffintown Cafe


Photo courtesy of Griffintown Cafe on Facebook

A full breakfast from Griffintown for $2 is the reason we believe in miracles.

Lunch Spots

1. Sumac Restaurant


Photo courtesy of Sumac Restaurant on Facebook

If you like your falafel crisp and your pita fluffy, make sure to visit this “proper falafel shop”.

2. Lola Rosa


Photo courtesy of Lola-Rosa on Facebook

From nachos to lasagna to miso soup, these vegetarian lunch spot has it all.

3. L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal


Photo courtesy of L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal on Facebook

If you’re on a budget, this restaurant has got you covered. All items are less than $5, so you get more delicious for less dough.

4. Burritoville


Photo courtesy of Burritoville on Facebook

Burritos, quesadillas, and bowls are the stars of this bean-and-veggie based menu.

5. Poutineville


Photo courtesy of Poutineville on Facebook

Get your fix of Montreal’s classic dish like never before. Try the cheese and gravy-covered fries in 13 different varieties, on top of pizza, or supersized as a 15-pound pile of delish.

6. Crudessence


Photo courtesy of Crudessence on Facebook

To detox from your poutine binge, check out this café and market specializing in gluten-free and raw foods. Be sure to buy one of their brownies, or ten – because raw always = healthy, right?

7. Mandy’s


Photo courtesy of Mandy’s on Facebook

Still feel hungry immediately after finishing a salad? Not at Mandy’s – these salads are huge, hearty, and (bonus!) extremely Insta-worthy.

8. Dirty Dogs


Photo courtesy of Dirty Dogs on Facebook

Dirty = delicious at this gourmet hot dog shop, which serves the best hot dogs and the best poutine in the city.

9. The Crêpe Café


Photo courtesy of The Crêpe Café on Google Images

Whether you’re craving sweet or salty, you’ll definitely satisfy your cravings at this creperie.

10. Wilensky’s Light Lunch


Photo courtesy of Wilensky’s Light Lunch

With a short menu and simple options, Wilensky’s is the perfect place to go for a quick but delicious afternoon bite.

Sit-Down Dinners

1. Maison Boulud


Photo courtesy of Maison Boulud on Facebook

A first-date spot guaranteed to get you a second, since the way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach. #fact

2. Rasoï


Photo courtesy of Rasoï on Facebook

There’s traditional curry, naan pizza, and weekly ladies’ nights. Need we say more?

3. La Champagnerie


Photo courtesy of La Champagnerie on Facebook

Enjoy any of their delicious entreés with some bubbly, and prepare to enter bliss.

4. Restaurant Maïs


Photo courtesy of Restaurant Maïs on Facebook

Authentic Mexican food is hard to come by in Canada, but Maïs’ guac and taco combo will make you forget that the U.S. is between you and the Mexican border.

5. Brasserie Réservoir


Photo courtesy of Brasserie Réservoir on Facebook

Classic bar food + brews = perfect casual sit-down dinner.

6. Restaurant Kazu


Photo courtesy of Blair Morton on Facebook

Prepare to wait in line, because this tiny but wildly popular Japanese spot has a line that can sometimes wrap around the block. But we promise, the food is worth every minute of the wait.

7. Bevo


Photo courtesy of Bevo on Facebook

Stop by to enjoy pizza that can compete with the best of New York’s while lounging in a bubble chair, artisanal cocktail in hand.

8. m:brgr


Photo courtesy of m:brgr on Facebook

It’s almost impossible to choose just one of this acclaimed restaurant’s gourmet burgers, but thankfully, you don’t have to – order a trio (or more) of sliders to sample the best burgers Montreal has to offer.

9. Prohibition


Photo courtesy of Prohibition on Facebook

This spot might be famous for its brunch offerings, but its dinner menu is a delicious, well-kept secret. After-dinner deep fried cookie dough? Your brunch can’t beat that.

10. The Burgundy Lion


Photo courtesy of The Burgundy Lion on Facebook

English ex-pats, get a taste of home at this classic pub, serving fish and chips, beer on tap, and hip London vibes.

Coffee Counters

1. Cafe Myriade


Photo courtesy of Cafe Myriade on Instagram

This coffee shop’s Club Monaco location can’t be beat – with plenty of white marble, eggshell-blue couches, and stacked bookshelves, it’s the perfect place pass time while sipping on a perfectly-crafted cappuccino.

2. Tommy


Photo courtesy of Tommy on Facebook

The perfect spot for a coffee date or a solo visit, Tommy offers delicious drinks as well as light bites. Build in a few extra minutes to admire the café’s beautiful decor, huge arched windows, and super-high ceilings.

3. Différance


Photo courtesy of Différance on Facebook

If coffee isn’t your thing, Différance is worth stopping by for the pastries alone. You might think that you’re not capable of finishing a chocolate chip cookie the size of your face, but with a dessert this good, you definitely can.

4. Café Humble Lion


Photo courtesy of Café Humble Lion on Facebook

A student favorite among those at McGill University, Humble Lion is the perfect go-to for whatever drink you’re craving, from “black cat espresso” to a maple latte.

5. My Little Cup


Photo courtesy of My Little Cup on Facebook

Get a taste of Belgium at this indie spin-off of a European café, conveniently located in the McGill metro stop for a caffeine boost during your morning commute.

6. Le Couteau


Photo courtesy of Holly Heune on Facebook

Need to get work done during your morning coffee break? Get your productivity going at this coffee shop, which offers spacious tables and a serene atmosphere.

7. Paquebot


Photo courtesy of Paquebot on Instagram

If you want to Instagram your latté, look no further.

8. Café Le Falco


Photo courtesy of Café Le Falco on Facebook

We’ve never seen a coffee shop with atmosphere quite like this – if you’ve ever wanted to get your caffeine fix while surrounded by tchotchkes and old bikes overhead, this is your place.

9. Le Milleu


Photo courtesy of Le Milieu on Facebook

Coffee meets community at this boho shop, which serves vegetarian eats and hosts regular craft nights.

10. Café Hublot


Photo courtesy of Café Hublot on Facebook

Half coffee bar, half sweet shop – all you need to get through the morning in one place.


Where to Get #Turnt

1. La Distillerie


Photo courtesy of La Distillerie on Instagram

Without any exaggeration, these are the best cocktails you will ever have in your entire life. The beautifully crafted drinks are served in mason jars and organized on the menu by alcohol content, but beware: even the strongest drinks almost taste like mocktails.

2. Le Lab


Photo courtesy of Le Lab on Facebook

Beware, faint of heart: the bartenders at this cave-like spot are more like performers, throwing around shakers, setting drinks on fire, and otherwise breaking bar standards. You’ll enjoy the show almost as much as the drinks.

3. Big in Japan


Photo courtesy of Big in Japan on Yelp

You’d never suspect that a speakeasy nearly hidden from the street would have the vibes of this place – spacious, filled with candles, and displaying bottles of Japanese whisky from the ceiling, Big in Japan in the perfect place to bring anyone you’re trying to impress.

4. Santos


Photo courtesy of Santos on Facebook

Top 3 reasons to go to Santos: margaritas, tequila, sangria.

5. Flyjin


Photo courtesy of Flyjin on Yelp

Feast on $1 oysters until 10:30 pm, then get your drink on once the restaurant turns into a club at 11.

6. Dieu du Ciel!


Photo courtesy of Dieu du Ciel! on Facebook

This place has a great selection of craft beers, and knowledgeable staff to help you pick one if you’re a newbie.

7. Bar Palco


Photo courtesy of Bar Palco on Facebook

With $4 weekly cocktails, you now have a legitimate reason to go out on Mondays.

8. Bar Loïc


Photo courtesy of Bar Loïc on Facebook

This is the place to go if you’re looking for quality: with a smaller selection, there’s less stress in choosing and a guarantee you’ll get something delicious.

9. Escondite


Photo courtesy of Escondite on Facebook

Enjoy anything from the menu of typical Mexican cocktails – but if you’re not drinking, you can order one of their virgin drinks without feeling like you’re missing out.

10. La Mal Nécessaire


Photo courtesy of La Mal Nécessarie on Facebook

Any cocktail tastes better when you drink it from a pineapple. Need proof? Stop by this bar, which doubles as a small but trendy club.


The weather in Montreal might get pretty cold, but the food scene is red-hot year-round. No matter what you’re after, this city has a restaurant, bar, or café to satisfy your every craving and keep you coming back for more.