The DMV (the convergence of DC, Maryland and Virginia) is sometimes overlooked in the swathe of great American food destinations. But trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

From fried chicken donuts to sushi burritos, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the best foods to eat in the DMV that are sure to bring out the patriot in all of us. In pizza we crust.

1. Chaia

Farm to taco, that’s the motto. Chaia’s vegetarian taco trio will turn carnivores into converts.

2. French Onion Soup at Le Diplomate

Our hot, bubbly remedy for this intense thunderstorm. #onionsoupgratinee

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Easy, cheesy, beautiful.

3. Gnocchi at Graffiato

Look atchu, gnocchi ragout #graffiato #mikeisabella #gnocchi #pasta

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Like biting into perfect little clouds. Gnocchi over errythang.

4. Cupcakes at Baked and Wired

My crew deeper than Wu-Tang

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Baked and Wired Cupcakes are not for the faint of heart, these monster-sized cupcakes are a destination for anyone traveling through Georgetown. They even carry vegan cupcakes in multiple flavors.

5. Il Canale

Real Italian food with real good taste.

6. Shophouse

A #ShopHouse #tofu bowl that gets us excited for #meatlessmonday

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Think Chipotle but Asian. Bold flavors, extraordinary ingredients and flavorful combinations make this fast-casual joint one of a kind. Their Pork and Chicken Meatballs aren’t too shabby either.

7. Pizza at 2 Amy’s

Special pizza tonight

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Simple pizza elevated to new heights.

8. Gelatto at Dolcezza

Dolcezza is known for its inventive gelato flavors. Some of the most popular include berry mascarpone, and dark chocolate.

9.Cheese Fries at Potomac Pizza

The perfect late night (or anytime) food are the cheesiest cheese fries in all of the DMV.

10. Poutine at DBGB

Poutine, more like poutine this duck confit poutine in my mouth.

11. Homemade PopTarts at Ted’s Bulletin

Brunch be POP-in ??

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Childhood made adult friendly.

12. Macaroons at Olivia Macaroon

Simple, elegant, classy, sweet, what’s not to love? Sounds like we’re describing ourselves. *wink*

13. Avocado Toast at Le Pain Quotiden

Because sometimes you need to be a basic betch. No one’s judging, we promise.

14. Fronana at Sprinkles

It's bananas b – a – n – a – n – a – s

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Heavenly frozen bananas disguised as ice cream. At Sprinkles, you can add any mix-in or topping to your fronana for a personalized bowl of ooey (and healthy) goodness.

15. Chili Cheese Fries at Ben’s Chili Bowl

A DC icon. This little hole in the wall is practically a landmark (and the dope Chili Cheese Fries don’t hurt its case).

16. Donuts at The Fractured Prune

#superlatergram of the donuts I brought back for my family from #oceancity ?

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The real reason why people venture to the over-crowded beaches of Bethany and Ocean City. Bomb.

17. Pizza at Ledo Pizza

What Friday's are made of! #LedoPizza

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The pastry style crust and sweet sauce are ledo’s signature, well that and the square pieces of pizza.

18. Maple Bourbon Bacon Donut at GBD

Make your brunch plans before it's too late // tag a friend ? #dcfoodporn creds: @eliz_breeden

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GBD stands for golden brown delicious which pretty much sums up everything they serve. They have both their “classic” and the most amazing seasonal donuts.

19. Vegetarian Nachos at Busboys and Poets

A plant-based mountain. We bet you'll still love 'em, omnivores. #VeganNachos #vegansofig #vegan #plantbased #veganfoodshare

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Walk into Busboys and Poets to feel a little bit smarter, eat at busboys and poets to feel a little bit happier.

20. Salad at Sweetgreen

Don’t be fooled, Sweetgreen is a DMV native and we couldn’t be prouder.

21. Bethesda Bagels

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Bagel sandies make our worlds go round. These take it to the next level. Literal BAE(gel).

22. Croquetas at Jaleo

Jaleo sounds a lot like halo. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

23. Dim Sum at Ping Pong

Dim sum and then some #nom

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If you’re a fan of dim sum, Ping Pong does it right. If you’re new to dim sum, Ping Pong is the place to go. Just thinking about crispy prawn balls or any flavor potsticker makes your mouth water.

24. Mediterranean Bowl at Cava

Your appetite deserves to be more than satisfied. ??

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The pride and joy of the DMV. Another chipotle style creation, this time for mediterranean food.

25. Red Velvet Cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake

It was gone pretty quick.? #soho #nyc

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Georgetown Cupcakes is a no brainer for anyone living in the DC area. The red velvet cupcake is a no brainer for anyone going to Georgetown Cupcake.

26. Margaritas at Guapo’s

Happy #cincodemayo #margarita #guaposrestaurant #dc #mexican #corona

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Frozen, on the rocks. What’s not to love?

27. Burger at Lia’s

Lia's burgers are so good! ? this one has pancetta, onions, and provolone?? #yesyumr

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Lia’s burgers are the Question, who doesn’t want a burger with brie? Answer, nobody.

28. Seafood at Sequoia

Go for the view, stay for the food.

29. Lobster Roll at Luke’s Lobster

Hers & His. • #MWxDH #DateNight #vsco

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We may not be New England, but never fear you can get a damn good lobster roll here.

30. Pleasant Pops

Iced coffee ☕️ cookies & cream ??

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Obama and his daughters like Pleasant Pops, so should you.

31. Steak Frites at Mon Ami Gabi

#foodporn #steak #frites ??

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Betcha can’t not eat the whole thing.

32. Swizzler Food Truck

@india_gray The Leonardo Dogvinci with Truffle Fries by Swizzler Food Truck based in DC! #feedyoursoull

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Think a hot dog can’t be gourmet? Think again.

33. Moby Dick

| The Only One | When it's been a whirlwind of a morning and it's break time. #TheresOnlyOneChoice #Joojeh4Me

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Pita as big as your face. Oh, and extra hummus. Obviously. Always.

34. Sushi Burrito at Buredo

“You get the best of both worlds,”  according to Hannah Montana.

35. Eggs Benedict at Peacock Café

Brunch at Peacock Café is a religious experience with the Eggs Benedict at its core.

36. Ramen at Daikaya

#Ramen lunch- chicken, tsukemen and spicy miso. #Sapporo #DKinJP #mycommontable

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Because we are all so over college ramen.

37. Veggie Bowls at Beefsteak

Headed to @azizansari's show tonight? Show us your ticket and get 20% off your meal! #treatyoself ? by @rlopez809

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Basically a healthy rainbow in a bowl, but not basic at all.

38. Mozzarella Wedges at Taylor Gourmet

Happens. #igdc #dcfoodporn #forkyeah #mozzarella #wedgie #gotem #zerogiven #eater #friendsgiving #dc #cheesin

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Hoagies to die for, mozzarella wedges to live for.

39. Sticky Buns at Toki Underground

Toki Underground is a taiwanese ramen and dumpling house. It’s the best place you never knew you needed.

40. Tater Tots at Melt Shop

Tater tots, thanks to @thetufftruffle #dcdining #districteats #lunch

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Nothing is better than tots.

41. Arepas at Arepa Zone

Arepas. New favourite food. #RenEatsDC #DC

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Arepas are flatbreads made of maize dough then filled with meat and cheese, and man are they good.

42. Sliders and Onion Strings at Matchbox


  currently craving | 3.6.9 | #miniburgers #dc #rockville #va   A photo posted by matchbox restaurants (@matchbox369) on Apr 28, 2015 at 7:15am PDT

Everything should be covered in a tower of onion strings and they’re the cherry on top of Matchbox’s perfect sliders.

43. Chicken and Waffles at Founding Farmers


Nothing beats ending your #weekend with Fried Chicken and Waffles!    Chicken and waffles. Need we say more?

44. Sushi at Raku

Even Jiro dreams of this RAWesome soosh.

45. Kapnos

The best part about these Greek-inspired small plates is that we can order everything on the menu because “we’re obviously sharing.” Bravo, Mike Isabella.

46. Waffles at Wicked Waffle

If normal waffles don’t get your heart racing than Wicked Waffle’s savory delights just might. Bacon egg and cheese WAFFLE, or how about a mango and brie WAFFLE. Heart racing now? That’s what we thought.

47. Churros at Boqueria

Churros are epic, but churros with nutella are another level

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Nobody turns down a Nutella churro.

48. Risotto at Sugo


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Confession — when they said the risotto of the day was caprese, we cheered out loud.

49. Medium Rare

How can you say no to this??? Thanks @spoon_au for the post!

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#Meeeeeats, amirite?

50. Pâté at Blue Duck Tavern

Today's lunch Market Selection: Country Pate with Purple Mustard, Country Toast, and Pickled Vegetables.

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Giving ourselves a pâté on the back (or stomach) for a killer list of the DMV’s finest eats.