There is no doubt that 2016 has been the year of the doughnut and I can proudly say that doughnuts are officially my favorite pastry. Being a New Jersey native, I have been able to explore all the best doughnut options we have to offer; there are a lot. I narrowed this list down to the top 5 doughnuts in New Jersey so that you don't have to. So, here's a list of my favorite New Jersey doughnuts:

1. Montclair Bread Company

doughnut, chocolate, dough, pastry
Lindsay Paulen

Probably the most well-known of the bunch, Montclair Bread is a North Jersey staple. If you want to avoid their notorious weekend lines, I highly suggest you go during a weekday morning. But nonetheless, Montclair Bread is definitely worth the wait; everything they make is glorious. 

My personal favorite: Nutella-stuffed Doughnut

2. Glaze Artisan Donuts 

chocolate, cake, cupcake, cookie
Lindsay Paulen

You have probably seen this doughnut from the Buzzfeed video that blew up the internet. And I want you to know, the hype is real; Glaze Artisan makes mind-blowingly good doughnuts. With three New Jersey locations, it is definitely the most accessible of the bunch. 

My personal favorite: Rainbow Cake Donut, duh. 

Honorable mention: Cannoli Donut

3. Broad Street Dough Co

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Lindsay Paulen

Like a lot of newer food places, Broad Street Dough Co. has gained immense popularity through their social media accounts. Located just a couple minutes from the shore, this is the perfect post-beach day snack. With dozens of options, there is a doughnut for everyone. 

My personal favorite: Cookie Monster 

4. Beignets

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Lindsay Paulen

Despite being named after another fried piece of dough, Beignets actually makes some amazing doughnuts. Made-to-order, it is official that there is almost nothing better in life than a box of fresh, hot doughnuts. 

My personal favorite: Weirdly enough, Cinnabun 

5. The Fractured Prune

doughnut, chocolate
Lindsay Paulen

The Fractured Prune is actually super similar to Beignets: fresh doughnuts made-to-order. But The Fractured Prune has a bunch of different glazes, which makes it my favorite down the shore treat. Although I was skeptical to try it at first, the cherry glaze. So. Good. 

My personal favorite: Black Forest

New Jersey native or not, these doughnuts are definitely worth the trip.