Everyone knows that the best part of traveling is trying out all the epic varieties of foods in different places. The moment I get off the plane at a new destination, I'm already online looking for a place to have my first meal. Especially when I'm abroad, it can be difficult to find a great place that satisfies what I'm looking for, and I'm often left picking where to go based on Instagram profiles. The one food I hope to find more than anything else while traveling? Ice cream.

There's nothing better than ice cream to end a day full of touring a new city. Sampling different flavors, and subsequently debating what combination of flavors and toppings would go best together is what makes the experience complete. No matter where your travels take you, your ice cream choices should never be compromised. To save you the risk of a mediocre experience, I'm sharing with you 5 unique ice cream finds around the world.

1. Tel Aviv, Israel: ANITA La Mamma Del Gelato

Israel is known for having some of the best dairy, and therefore by default, amazing ice cream. This place has some of the most extraordinary flavors like Loacker Hazelnut Waffers, Hershey's with Oreo Cookies, and Mille Feuille, just to name a few. My personal favorite was the Ferrero Rocher: imagine a creamy hazelnut base laced with ribbons of melted chocolate and filled with chunks of chocolate and nuts. Basically, Nutella taken to the next level.

This is the place for any ice cream snob abroad because you can find ice cream versions of all your favorite desserts, and an endless selection of toppings. You might have to come back more than once if you're just as overwhelmed by all the options as I was.

2. Prague, Czech Republic: Good Food

Good Food puts a twist on the traditional dessert trdelnik. This is basically a hollow sugar coated dough pastry that is then filled with the ice cream of your choosing, and finished off with a wide range of toppings. Ever try activated carbon and coconut ice cream? If the answer is no, then this is your chance to change that. There is no better treat to accompany your stroll through the Old Town. Mixing tradition with a novel ice cream flavor is always a solid bet.

3. Paris, France: Berthillon Glacier

It doesn't get more Parisian than this. Berthillion has been the crème de la crème of ice cream since 1961. With several locations around throughout the city, each one has a different feeling, whether it be a full shop across the street from Sacré-Coeur, or just a tiny window on a side street.  The flavors all speak for themselves because they are classic and done just right. When the ice cream is this good, even a simple chocolate scoop will be far from underwhelming. Plus, the small scoops are just part of the Parisian aesthetic that keeps you wanting more.

3. St. Tropez, France: Barbarac

No beach day in the South of France is complete unless it ends with ice cream at the port. Don't be shocked by the line. Instead, let it reassure you that what awaits you inside is well worth the standing time. Barbarac has made a name for itself by being the only ice cream place on the famous port of St. Tropez. Each flavor is incredibly rich and natural. The raspberry flavor tastes as if the freshest raspberries were picked and then blended into ice cream form. You seriously can't go wrong with any flavor here.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands: MetropolitanDeli

In addition to having 16 flavors, MetropolitanDeli distinguishes itself by serving ice cream with pastries, such as cannolis and waffles. This place is basically a unique take on the traditional deli because it serves all things sweet, rather than savory. If you doubt that your favorite ice cream flavor can get even better, imagine it paired with a warm pastry—now that is a complete meal.

5. New York City, U.S.A: Grom 

For a taste of Europe without the plane ride, Grom should be your next destination. Originally from Italy, Grom has several locations in New York City as well as in Europe and Asia. With the abundance of ice cream shops in the city it can be overwhelming, but Grom distinguishes itself by focusing on the quality of its ice cream rather than creating new flavor combinations. It has the sophistication of Europe, without being a plane ride away.

There's no better way to experience a new place than by trying the food there, especially the ice cream. Rest assured that regardless of how the rest of your trip turns out, you'll have a treat that makes it worth it. These five unique ice cream finds need to be at the top of your bucket list—maybe even try letting them dictate where you take your next vacation.