With a multitude of restaurants, cafes, and other miscellaneous food joints, Ann Arbor has become a dream destination for foodies everywhere. While Ann Arbor is most certainly foodie-friendly, is it Instagram-influencer-friendly, too? Short answer: yes. Here are the top 5 most Instagrammable food joints in Ann Arbor that will satisfy both your food cravings and desire to take that ~one perfect picture~ for your feed.

1. Wilma's

A local (and personal!) favorite, Wilma's— previously known as Fred's— is a trendy, health-driven cafe dedicated to serving fresh, whole foods. The white aesthetic complemented by an abundance of lush, green plants makes this place the ideal spot to grab brunch with your friends (and of course, take a picture or two). As basic as it is, I have to recommend the Avo Toast. It's that good. 

2. Sava's

Ah, yes, Sava's: the restaurant you make your parents take you to when they're in town because you can't afford to eat it otherwise! This charming restaurant originally grew from a small cafe to the large, well-known restaurant it is today. With their top-notch interior design and delicious fresh food, it's no wonder that Sava's has become a must-eat food joint in Ann Arbor. Don't forget to try out their to-die-for Sweety Fries!

3. Teaspressa

Not only is Teaspressa's little shop absolutely adorable (and perfect for taking pictures!), their colorful drinks are incredibly mesmerizing to look at. Teaspressa blends are organic, concentrated tea prepared in the same fashion as coffee is, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and more. A Phoenix-based company, Teaspressa appeared on the show Shark Tank and while they did not receive an offer, the company took off anyway. With more than four locations nation-wide, Teaspressa has proved itself to be a successful business. Go out and try one of their highly Insta-worthy drinks!

4. Le Bon Macaron

I unexpectedly came across this little gem of a macaron store when I was out with my family when my aunt announced that she wanted a macaron, and the rest of us simply complied. As someone who likes macarons— but not enough to actively seek them out— I had little to no expectations for this place. But upon walking into Le Bon Macaron, I immediately noticed how cute and Parisian the shop is. Not only is it the perfect location to snap a shot for your Insta, their macarons are GENUINELY GOOD! With a diverse variety of flavors from peanut butter and jelly to champagne, there is most certainly a flavor for everyone. If you decide to go, I recommend the Marie Antoinette Cake Batter flavor, as rambunctious as it may look (think turquoise blue coated in rainbow sprinkles). 

5. Spencer

Spencer: this small, casual restaurant is an ideal source for both great food and great backdrops. Made with only local ingredients, the food varies by season, but I can assure you that it is exceptional during all four seasons. The owners believe that the best kinds of the meals are the ones that are shared, so the seating in this quaint little restaurant is communal. Try out their charcuterie board— these guys know what they're doing over there with the cheese.

There you have it: the five most Instagrammable food joints in Ann Arbor that actually have good food (and dare I say, good vibes). Go check them out when you get the chance!