Midterms season is upon us, which means Ellis Library will be full of students trying to get those A's, and there is nothing worse than trekking all the way there to find out the silent room is full. Instead of wasting time hoping you'll be able to find a seat, try a change of scenery. If you're looking for an alternative to good ole' Ellis, these are the best five places to study in Columbia. 

1. The Grind Coffee House

Not only is The Grind a place to get great coffee and snacks, but it is optimized to have the best atmosphere for studying. The Grind provides everything from an area for lounging alone or with friends to a study bar for working to a fully-equipped conference room. Plus, they're open until midnight. 

#SpoonTip: The Grind is open 24/7 during Finals Week!

2. Columbia Public Library

If you're still wanting an Ellis-like experience, Columbia's own public library will deliver. Much like Ellis, it provides a quiet, calming environment that will put you in the studying mood. It does close at 9 p.m., so the Columbia Public Library is one of the best places to study in Columbia if it's not going to be a late night. 

3. International Tap House

iTAP is the best place to study in Columbia if you want to enjoy a drink or watch the big game. Their selection is extensive with drinks from different countries around the world. You are bound to find something new to try every time you go. iTAP offers the perfect low-key study spot whether alone or with a study group. For those under 21, don't worry. Anyone is welcome until 8 p.m. 

4. Coffee Zone

Coffee Zone offers more than various styles of coffee; it offers a full breakfast and lunch menu featuring Mediterranean fare including hummus, baklava and gyros. Coffee Zone has a warm, inviting environment great for getting your studies done and having a bite to eat. If you're a Mediterranean food fanatic or just looking to branch out, Coffee Zone is one of the best places to study  in Columbia that also offers a full menu!

5. Lakota Coffee

Lakota Coffee's original brick walls, wood plank floors and Old Hickory chairs contribute to its rustic feel and relaxing study environment. On top of having a wide variety of drinks, Lakota has a lunch menu of sandwiches, soups and made-to-order salads. All sandwiches use Boar's Head meats, so you know it's good and fresh! Also, Lakota is open until midnight, so your studying hours aren't limited.