When you're packing for a short trip, you should only bring the essentials so it only makes sense that if you're visiting Boston, or anywhere really, for a short trip that you should also only be eating the essentials. 

Because I was only in town for a conference, my days were already pretty busy. With what little opportunities I had left to eat and to explore, I guarantee that you too can still get the best taste of what Boston has to offer — even on a limited time schedule. 

1. Saltie Girl

Melissa Vajanaphanich

Despite only opening its doors in 2016, Saltie Girl has quickly become one of the most trendy and the most sought-after eateries in Boston. This is no surprise considering that each dish is skillfully prepared with a variety of luxurious ingredients. 

Even though the restaurant is most well-known for their seafood selection, I ended up opting for their hand-chopped dry aged steak tartare and their foie gras toast which were probably some of the best decisions of my trip. If given the chance, I would eat here every day if I could so brb, moving to Boston. 

2. Itadaki

salmon, sushi, caviar, smoked salmon, sashimi, ginger, fish
Melissa Vajanaphanich

Back Bay is probably one of Boston's best neighborhoods considering the amount of things to do, to see, and to eat in that area. With so many options, it wasn't that difficult to decide where dinner would be after catching wind of Itadaki's sushi pizza. 

This fusion dish definitely didn't disappoint in the wow factor or the whimsical factor. The seafood was fresh and the base — a deep fried rice patty — added an entirely new dimension of flavor that kind of reminded me of a tater tot.

#SpoonTip: Their uni is fresh from Maine and was pretty top-knotch so it should be a must order. 

3. The Daily Catch

rice, vegetable
Melissa Vajanaphanich

There's something so homely and so satisfying about eating at The Daily Catch. The small space houses only 20 seats littered around the open kitchen which makes it feel as though you were just stopping by your friend's Italian grandma's place for lunch.

Plus, since I have a major obsession with squid ink pasta, I couldn't have been more ecstatic to try their Pasta Aglio Oglio which was topped with ground squid and garlic – basically all of my favorite foods into one plate. As the Italians would say, delizioso! 

4. Red's Best Seafood

lobster, shrimp, crab
Melissa Vajanaphanich

No trip to the Northeast could ever be considered complete without a lobster roll. While there is certainly no shortage in Boston, Red's Best Seafood at Boston Public Market is probably one of the best hidden gems around. 

For just $15, their lobster rolls are simple, delicious, and affordable for any budget. Moreover, the lobster was simply dressed which allowed its natural flavors to shine on top of the chewy, buttery roll.

5. Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Melissa Vajanaphanich

Tatte has made its way to the top of almost every must-try Boston foods list and so naturally, I was curious to see what the hype was all about. After my visit, I can guarantee you that it's definitely worth stopping by for breakfast or for a mid-day treat.  

This quaint cafe offers up some majorly aesthetic baked goods but one of the highlights is the nut box. My toasted pistachio filled delight was not overly sweet but still buttery and extremely satisfying.