Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah are more than just a few days off from school. They're an excuse to hang out with your extended fam and eat all the lox, bagels, and pastrami. So while you prepare the fancy silverware for the upcoming yov tov, I'll rank the best Jewish delis to nosh at in NYC. 

1. Russ and Daughters Cafe

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Beatrice Forman

Russ and Daughters is like the Victoria Beckham of Jewish delis: dignified, classy, and effortlessly trendy. Decorated like a 1950's diner, R&D whips up classic fair like egg-creams, latkes, and kugel. Every dish is plated to perfection and taste just like your grandma Ethel's. In a hurry? Drop by their landmark "appetizing store" for your quick bagel fix.  

2. Kossar's Bakery & Deli

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Beatrice Forman

For those of you who don't know, bialys are bagels' cooler, hotter older sister. They're fluffier and lighter than bagels, and also don't have that pesky lil' hole in the middle (which means more goodies!) While I don't discriminate against any bialy, Kossar's makes the best. They're the perfect balance of onion and flour and pair excellently with their everything-bagel flavored cream cheese. 

3. 2nd Avenue Deli

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Beatrice Forman

Picture this: It's Christmas Eve and you're halfway through Hanukkah. Nothing is open expect for the sketchy Chinese restaurant down the block and you're craving corned beef. That's where 2nd Avenue Deli comes in.

While some Jewish delis pander to tourists, 2nd Ave is authentically Jewish. Thanks to their mile-high sandwiches like this babe and complementary bottomless pickles and slaw, you'll feel right at home.

4. Mile End Deli

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Beatrice Forman

It's 2016 and the "Hipster Jew" is real. He's already cooler than you, always knows trendiest Kosher spot, and is probably hungry. In other words, he definitely knows about Mile End Deli. The real question is, why don't you?

Located on a quiet side street in NoHo, Mile End is at the forefront of Jewish fusion cuisine. Their menu is full amped-up classics, like their Chicken Schnitzel BLT, making them the perfect place to bring your goyim friends.

5. Katz's Delicatessen

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If you're making a list about the best Jewish delis and don't mention Katz's, did you even make a list at all? Obviously not.

You probably already know there is to know about this old New York institution, so I'm just gonna drop some sage life advice: order a pastrami sandwich, some knishes, and don't look back. Don't want to deal with tourists? Take a trip to their Woodbridge, Connecticut location, which is just as good as the original.