Okay, let’s make a healthy admission (no pun intended). We’ve all had those days when we’re feeling a little guilty after those cheeky chips. Or worse, we’ve done that dreaded hungover traipse to lectures. In a reality where blenders are expensive, washing up is a chore, and time is rare, a takeaway smoothie is the resolution. Pubs may be easy to find, but the best fruit smoothies in St Andrews are a little more hidden.

Either way, it’s no secret that as busy university students, we’re in need of a healthy kick of fresh fruit and veg. Smoothies are cheerful, easy, nutritious drinks which we could do with a bit more of. Check out these places for the five best fruit smoothies in St Andrews where you can get your five-a-day in a cup.

5. Bibi’s

When the library is near maximum capacity, fear not; Bibi's is only a five-minute walk away. This charming café tucked away on North Street incorporates homely décor with delicious and healthy juices. Skip their Ultimate Milkshakes, and check out the Green Machine for a drink that's just as good and twice as healthy. Bibi's is also a great place to get some work done, since there are plenty of tables. It easily makes it onto the list for one of the best fruit smoothies in St Andrews.

4. Starbucks

Now, don’t underestimate the domain of coffee beans; Starbucks can still make a mean smoothie. In fact, their fruit smoothies are made with their machine blenders, creating smooth deliciousness. The raspberry blackcurrant is a great option for berry lovers out there.

3. Pret a Manger

There’s really no excuse for not having access to fresh fruit smoothies in town when you have Pret. Check out their strawberry banana, or — my favourite — the mango and passionfruit smoothie, for that extra positive blast.

2. Zest

Immerse yourself in the world of ‘healthy’ with this salad place on South Street. Zest moonlights as a dangerously addictive fruit smoothie bar in St Andrews, with eight permanent fruit smoothies to fulfill every mood. The Breakfast to Go is a great accompaniment to lectures, and the Funky Monkey never ceases to excite.

1. Northpoint

This little café tucked on the edge of North Street is an absolute gem. Northpoint definitely deserves top of the list for the best fruit smoothie in St Andrews. Most notable for being the place where Kate and Wills met for coffee, it offers three fresh smoothie options every day. It's a struggle to resist their pancakes, but if you're trying to be healthy, stick to the Graduate's Breakfast as an accompaniment to your smoothie. It's tricky to find seating on busy days, but you can get your smoothie in a cup if you're on-the-go.

#SpoonTip: check out the Green Machine for a safe bet — it's my all-time favourite.

Whether you’re looking for a nice study spot, or you just want that healthy glow, these five fruit smoothies will make your day that much better. Toast to your long Mondays, or celebrate your Fridays with these positively happy places. Craving hot chocolate instead? Check out this fellow Spoon contributor's article on the best hot chocolates in St Andrews.