When I think of New York City in the summertime, the first thing that pops into my mind is Coney Island. My grandparents would go there all the time when they were kids and they love taking me now as a young adult. This small Brooklyn neighborhood is home to some of the best food in the borough and you can enjoy it while walking on the boardwalk or riding one of the many crazy roller coasters.

1) Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

I mean, do I even have to say much about this one? There’s a reason that the word ‘famous’ is in the title. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs is basically the mecca of the hot dog world. They are perfectly juicy with really soft buns and, along with all of Coney Island, have a sense of nostalgia looming around.

2) Paul's Daughter

If you’re looking for quick, easy, classic amusement park food, Paul’s Daughter has it all and more. The great thing about Coney Island is that you can get the classics but since you’re right on the water and abundance of fresh seafood can really make the experience better. There’s hot dogs, Italian ices, fries, funnel cakes, clams and beer.

3) Tom's Restaurant

Tom’s, although not the original location, is your go-to spot on Coney Island for diner food. They have pancakes, burgers, wraps etc. and they also have awesome drinks that you can sip on with a nice view of the bay.

4) Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano

There’s nothing better than New York pizza and there is no bad or inconvenient time to eat it. Right on Neptune Ave and a short walk to the boardwalk, Totonno’s has been making pizza for 98 years and there is no slowing down. They have some of the best thin-crust pizza that you can find on Coney Island.

5) Kitchen 21

This place has everything!! They’ve pretty much put five restaurants into one location. There’s grab-and-go food, a raw bar with tons of beer, a gastropub and a rooftop bar. If you’re with a big group of people but can’t all agree on what to eat, Kitchen 21 is perfect for you! Divide and conquer!

Aside from the food, my other favorite part about Coney Island is the rides, but I have one teeny-tiny problem. I get motion sickness sometimes when I go on roller coasters and it turns my awesome day into a day of stress, hassling and overall no fun. I was introduced to this really cool product by a friend of mine called Reliefband. With patented, FDA-cleared, clinically-proven technology, it offers fast, drug-free relief from nausea and vomiting caused by amusement park rides as well as from motion sickness from cars, planes, boats, etc. If you’re suffering from nausea from any of these issues, you should try Reliefband for the easiest and most effective treatment!