The process of studying varies from student to student, but one thing remains constant: it’s rarely enjoyable. Whether it’s homework, a midterm, or the last dreaded leg of the term, the best study spots have caffeinated drinks, a variety of food, and an organic, productive soundtrack. All of these elements can be found at your local café, but after nibbling my way through Corvallis’ multitude of study-conducive eateries, I’m here to show you where the best study spots are on campus that have free Wi-Fi.

1. Imagine Coffee

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Patti Proch

Located on Philomath Blvd, Imagine Coffee is a 3-minute car ride (or 15-minute bike ride) away from Oregon State University. The ambiance is artsy and comforting. Noise is minimal, but they do offer a variety of event nights ( like Celtic Jam) if you prefer a vibrant atmosphere.

If you’re in the mood for a jolt of creativity and a space that will foster your depth of learning, head to Imagine Coffee for a great study experience, fresh baked goods, and well-brewed coffee.

2. New Morning Bakery

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Patti Proch

Whether or not this eatery could be considered a café is up for debate, but New Morning Bakery remains a Corvallis classic. Located downtown on Second Street (a five minute drive from campus), it’s a partial service restaurant/cafe with a huge breakfast menu, an incredibly mouthwatering assortment of fresh baked goods (ranging from layered cakes to ham and swiss croissants), and endless booths and tables to meet all of your studying needs. *Note: minimal electrical outlets.

The free Wi-Fi is fast, the service friendly, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dietary need that isn’t met here.

3. Tried & True Coffee Co.

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Patti Proch

This café is a photographer’s dream. The mixed light fixtures, wood furniture, and simple menu highlight the pure, tasteful aesthetic of Tried & True. If you’re looking for a vibrant, light-filled atmosphere with fragrant, expertly brewed coffee (and delicious breakfast goods), look no further. All of the baristas are incredibly knowledgeable, both about the craft and the ingredients used to create each caffeinated concoction. 

Keep in mind, the first location (on Madison Street) is tiny, so I’d suggest saving those trips for Saturday Farmers' Market days or a grab-and-go situation. Otherwise, the newest location in Southtown is spacious, bright, and equally fantastic in all aspects.

4. The Beanery

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Patti Proch

Any culmination of Corvallis cafés would not be complete without mentioning The Beanery (also referred to as Allann Brothers Café). Serving up locally produced Allann Bros. coffee, The Beanery offers fast, reliable free Wi-Fi and a reasonable amount of breakfast and lunch options. The coffee is pretty palatable and their menu is full of gems, like the Sweet Romano (a white chocolate coffee drink with lemon zest).

With multiple locations sprinkled throughout Corvallis, my favorites are the ones on Circle Boulevard and Monroe Avenue. Electrical outlets can be found seemingly everywhere and the lighting is moodier—perfect for those that enjoy a more subdued, relaxing environment.

5. Interzone

Patti Proch

Last on the list, and the coffee shop that's open the latest is Interzone. Conveniently located on Monroe Street and open until midnight, this little powerhouse is the perfect spot for late night cramming and nutritious, fresh baked goods. Interzone has a plethora of vegan/gluten-free options, and their drinks are both creative and deliciously prepared.

It’s a fairly small place, but with the efficient layout, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a study space. This spot is recommended for those that prefer a more lively soundtrack, as it can get pretty loud during the day.

If you’re tired of the studying in the doldrums, check out everything Corvallis has to offer. Besides the bonus of supporting local businesses, you’re benefiting the growth and livelihood of your community. If that’s not a good enough reason to study, I don’t know what is.