With finals rapidly approaching, I wanted to share some of my favorite study spots! Here are the 5 best coffee shops near Fordham. Note that I'm a commuter, so these coffee shops also include Westchester, but fortunately they're accessible via the Metro North! Fordham has countless coffee shops that you can benefit from and these are some of my favorites :)

1. Slave to the Grind Coffee in Bronxville

A 15 minute train ride from Fordham, Bronxville is one of my favorite towns in Westchester. Slave to the Grind is a small and very much admired coffee shop that I absolutely love to go to to get some work done. My favorite coffee is the iced mocha ;) Not to mention they now have paper straws for the days that you forget your metal one!

2. Prince Coffee House in the Bronx 

A classic for a super long study/homework grind, because it's a five minute walk down Arthur Ave and there's usually a spot open to snag for a couple hours!

Prince is a bit pricey, but if you're looking for a gourmet drink and a new location to readjust your brain to focus that's not too far from campus, this is perfect

Cat O'Connor

3. Tino's Delicatessen 

My personal favorite as far as Arthur Ave shops, Tino's has both cappuccinos and iced cappuccinos, paninis beyond your highest expectations, and super cozy nooks and crannies to get some serious work done (And did I mention cannoli's!!!)!

4. Barnes & Noble in Scarsdale

Technically this isn't really a coffee shop... because it's even better! The Barnes & Noble in Scarsdale is closest to the Crestwood Metro North stop, and then a 5 minute Uber. What make this B&N worth the trek is that it's currently the only location on this coast with a Barnes and Noble Kitchen! So in addition to the mini Starbucks coffee cafe, there is a full restaurant with community tables, big leather chairs and full sit down tables in the restaurant so you can eat great food in a very work friendly setting. For breakfast, try the lemon ricotta pancakes, or for a cozy dinner, grab the grilled cheese and tomato soup, always accompanied by an iced latte or a cappuccino. Talk about motivators!!!

If you want to read more about the Barnes & Noble Kitchen, here's an article I wrote about it!

Cat O'Connor

5. Martine's Bakery in Scarsdale

Located just across the street from the Scarsdale Metro North train shop, Martine's is absolutely adorable and has the best caramel iced coffees! Not to mention, Martine's was featured in one of Seinfeld's episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!

Make sure that your study spot works for you!

No matter where you are, sometimes the best thing to help you focus and get work done is a change in location. Whether that be a different desk in the library or a new coffee shop, the choice is up to you! Sometimes being in a busy environment like Barnes & Noble on a Sunday night best motivates me to get my work done and other times I need a quiet environment like Prince Coffee House on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Make sure that the spot works best for you and enables you to be your most productive.