A day on Oahu can lead to any number of adventures: exploring Iolani Palace, snorkling Hanamuahah Bay, hiking Koko Head or splashing around at Waikkiki beach just name a few. These adventures need only the sustenance a hearty breakfast can provide.  However, when you're in a destination notorious for being a little pricey, it can be tempting to skip out on breakfast. Here are five of the best cheap brunches on Oahu. (Spam optional!)

Cafe Haleiwa

Natalie Gambrell

Oahu's cheap brunch mecca is the cluster of diners and food trucks that line the North Shore. Slightly quieter than Waikkiki beach, here you'll find the best surfing spots on the island as well as some solid snorkeling spots. Cafe Halielawa is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely late breakfast on the outdoor patio.  

Natalie Gambrell

Cafe Haleiwa's specialty is Mexican inspired versions of classic diner breakfasts. Think Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast burritos, and avocado as far as the eye can see. 

What to get under $10: The Egg in a Barrel is a breakfast burrito stuffed with veggies, potatoes, eggs, and green chilies. You can add on avocado and still come in at a cool $9.50. 

Beet Box Cafe

Natalie Gambrell

The Beet Box Cafe, also located on the North Shore, is a paradise for anyone who is vegan, gluten-free just anyone looking to eat a little healthier on vacation. Here you can choose from a variety of acai bowls which is a must have while visiting Oahu. 

Natalie Gambrell

What to get under $10: Any of the Acai bowls are a great choice at $9 dollars each, but if you're looking to get your daily veggies in, I'd recommend the Green Bowl. 

Goofy Cafe and Dine

Natalie Gambrell

If you're sticking near more touristy area of Waikiki beach, you may feel tempted by the idea of a pricey resort breakfast. Step away from those $30 dollar pancakes and head to Goofy's. 

Goofy's puts an innovative twist on traditional breakfast dishes by taking inspiration from Japanese ingredients and flavors. However, Goofy's biggest draw is their ingredients. They base their menu around what's available locally; their eggs, milk, coffee and much of their produce is sourced on Oahu or the neighboring islands. This means you're getting one of the freshest meals on the island. 

What to get under $10: Goofy's is a little pricier- for good reason. Organic produce doesn't come cheap and the portions are huge. However, you can get an Acai bowl for $9.50, and most of your other options are only a few dollars more.

Cafe Kaila

When you find a breakfast spot with a constant line out the door between 10 am and noon, you know you've stumbled upon something special. Cafe Kaila's has a steady stream of both locals and tourists alike due to their incredible waffle specials which change daily.  

Natalie Gambrell

However, if you're in the mood for something savory, you can't go wrong with their breakfast wrap or quesadilla served up with fresh guac and salsa. 

What to get under $10: Their Belgian malted waffle is the powdered-sugar-dusted crown jewel of their menu and it comes in at $9.25.

Leonard's Bakery

There's plenty of hyped restaurants in Oahu, but there's few that locals speak of with such reverence as Leonard's Bakery. Malasadas are Portuguese donuts that are sugary sweet, light, fluffy, and perfectly fried, but not greasy. You'll be dreaming about them all through your 9 hour flight home.

Natalie Gambrell

What to get under $10: Donuts go nuts! At $1.50 each, you can fill a box and still come in under $10. 

Oahu is an incredibly beautiful place, rich with culture and preserved natural wonders. Whether you choose to go for health, or feast on sugary donuts, you can find the cost effective morning fuel you need to experience everything Oahu has to offer.